SYMMETRY (#4018)
Johnny has trouble keeping track of his identity when visions from an attacker, a victim and a rescuer confuse the psychic's sense of reality.

Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) wakes up one morning on the living room couch in the home of an attractive woman, after being hit with a series of quick visions of a violent struggle. He's a bit disoriented from what seems like just a bad dream, and tries to comfort the woman, Maiya (Tamara Craig Thomas), who has been frightened by some threatening calls from her ex-husband, Cole (Aaron Pearl). Maiya's six-year-old daughter, Siena (Emmy Karwandy), runs into the room eager to play, but Maiya's face is etched with worry. She picks up a scarf as she prepares to go out, but then drops it on a table. Johnny watches them go before he's hit with more flashes of the violent struggle and wakes up at home to the sound of the phone ringing. It's Walt (Chris Bruno) asking for his help on a case that sounds eerily familiar to Johnny. At the station, Walt gives him the details and hands him a scarf to touch that belongs to a missing woman, which Johnny instantly recognizes as the one from Maiya's house. As he touches it, he's struck with a vision of a woman falling off a cliff. Horrified, he snaps back to reality and tells Walt not only does he know this woman, but he spent the previous night at her house.

A tip leads Bruce (John L. Adams) and Johnny to check out the docks and as Johnny touches a piling, he's hit with a vision of himself with Maiya, walking hand in hand. She asks him to come explore the world with her and they kiss. Back in the present, Johnny grows frustrated, having no memory of any of this. He heads to Maiya's house and when no one answers the door, he discovers that it's unlocked and goes inside. As he looks at the photos on the mantel, the doorbell rings, and he's face to face with Cole, who accuses him of poisoning Maiya against him. The man pulls Johnny outside and punches him in the jaw. Suddenly, the whole scene plays out again, this time with Johnny in Cole's place confronting a friend of Maiya's named Desmond (Richard Leacock) who answers the door. Then, for a third time, Johnny finds himself at Maiya's door, this time as himself. He and Desmond are discussing the clues of the case when Johnny starts coughing and choking. He flashes to a scene of himself in the hospital with Sarah (Nicole deBoer) and Bruce at his bedside. They tell him he was found next to his car on the coast highway and that doctors are worried he'll slip back into a coma. Johnny realizes that he's stuck in a bizarre vision in which he's reenacting the same day over and over from three different perspectives. Furthermore, he discovers Bruce isn't really there, but is just a figment of his imagination, helping him understand what's happening to him. Johnny decides that finding Maiya is the key to bringing him back to reality.

Johnny visits Walt at the sheriff's station, but his friend seems distant towards him. Bruce appears, reminding him that he may not be who he thinks he is. Johnny turns and looks in a mirror, only to see Desmond's face peering back at him. He flashes again on his fight with Desmond and struggles to stay in control. Seeing that he's now Cole, he dashes to the man's car, where he finds a receipt and key card for a motel room near the coast. In Cole's motel room, he discovers two airline tickets to Peru and a gun stashed in a duffel bag under the bed. Johnny realizes Cole is prepared to do anything to get his daughter back. He finds no clues at Maiya's house, and flashes to a scene from the night before at his own home, as the Bannermans are leaving Johnny's birthday party. J.J. (Spencer Achtymichuk) shyly hands him a small gift that Johnny pockets to open later. Looking around the room, Johnny spies a large fish tank with a small treasure chest inside, reminding him of something Siena said before about searching for buried treasure. He flashes to the day before, this time as Maiya, and learns that she and Siena planned to visit Treasure Beach the following day. He flashes back to Cole's perspective and watches himself from afar as he and Desmond leave Maiya's house to head to the beach. He realizes he led Cole right to Maiya and suddenly bolts up awake in his hospital bed. Sarah, Bruce and Walt are all there, but report that Maiya is dead and Siena is missing. Frustrated, Johnny is starting to get dressed when he sees the gift from J.J. on the bedside table. It's a penknife -- and Johnny becomes aware that he's still stuck in the vision, seeing what will happen if he doesn't stop Cole.

At the beach, Johnny continues to switch between Cole, Maiya and himself as the action unfolds. Johnny, as Maiya, warns Siena to stay hidden in the caves before she confronts Cole near the cliffs. Things escalate and Cole approaches her, causing her to back away and slip over the edge of a small cliff. Johnny runs towards her body on the sand, but when he turns her over, he sees himself instead. Cole (with Johnny's face) struggles with him and puts him in a headlock. Desmond, also looking like Johnny, runs up to fight off Cole and there's a moment when all four people are touching. Outside the scene, Johnny and Bruce see how each of these lives are bound in this one contact, and Johnny understands why he's been stuck in this vision he was deprived of oxygen by Cole's headlock. The vision finally ends and in the present, Johnny remembers the penknife from J.J. in his pocket. He stabs Cole in the leg, forcing him to release his grip. Siena runs up and Cole grabs her, while aiming his gun at the other three. Cole starts to drag her away, but Johnny manages to talk him into letting her go. Cole drops the gun as Walt and several deputies flood the scene and Siena is reunited with her mother, who tearfully thanks Johnny for everything he's done. Johnny is left to ponder what might have happened, had it not been for J.J.'s gift...


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