EPISODE PREMIERE: August 13, 2006
The arrival of a mysterious young woman from Rev. Purdy's past raises new questions for Johnny about the minister's character.

It's a beautiful day in Cleaves Mills as Reverend Purdy (David Ogden Stiers) greets a crowd in front of the new Vera Smith Library at Faith Heritage. After giving an emotional speech about Vera, which makes Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) a bit uncomfortable, Purdy cuts the ribbon and officially opens the building. When someone bumps into Johnny, he is hit with a vision of Purdy on his knees, crying and pleading with a stone-faced woman. Snapping back to reality, Johnny sees the same woman as she approaches and greets Purdy. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Johnny is shocked to overhear her tell him that her name is Jessica (Sarah-Jane Redmond) and that she is his daughter. Purdy replies that what she's saying can't possibly be true, but when she pulls out a check she receives monthly and an old photo, he goes pale. Johnny interrupts their conversation to try to warn Purdy he may be in danger, but the Reverend quickly dismisses him. Johnny is determined to investigate and when he notices that Jessica has dropped a small piece of paper printed with the name "The Antlers Inn," he tells Bruce (John L. Adams) that at least they have a place to start.

Johnny and Bruce head to the inn where they're immediately recognized by the receptionist, Joanna (Carmen Lavigne), who proudly explains she's also the senior editor of a Web site that tracks paranormal phenomena. She lets them search Jessica's room only after they agree to pose for some pictures for her site. Johnny touches various objects around the room and when he gets to the bed, he's hit with a vision of Jessica crying and packing her suitcase. Johnny sees the photo Jessica showed Purdy of a woman and a little girl at a carnival, with a water tower in the background identifying the location as "Lewiston, Maine." Back in the present, Johnny and Bruce head to Lewiston and pay a visit to city hall to try to get more information on the woman in the photo. They get a map to a farm north of town and find the old water tower pictured in the photo, all the while being followed by a man in a dark sedan. When Johnny touches the water tower, he's thrown into a vision of the farm in the 1960s. He sees a young minister preaching to a crowd at a carnival. In the audience is the young woman from the photo, who is obviously moved by the minister's words. Back in the present, a young farmer, Wallace (Craig Erickson) pulls up in a truck and accuses Johnny and Bruce of trespassing. Suddenly, his engine begins to smoke. Seizing the opportunity, Johnny volunteers to fix the problem and when he's finished the job, he asks Wallace about the carnival. Though the young man knows nothing about it, he tells them he does know about a tent revival around the same time and shows Bruce and Johnny some souvenirs from the event. The two study a poster advertising the revival and are shocked to realize that the young minister, named Raymond Franklin is, in fact, a young Gene Purdy.

Later, at the sheriff's station, Walt (Chris Bruno) tells Johnny and Bruce that the closest match he could find to Franklin's name was an R. Franklin, who operated a hedge fund in Rochester named the Bethlehem Fund. The two friends follow another lead to a carnival-themed diner outside of Lewiston, where the owner tells them what he remembers about the young preacher, including the fact that he disappeared one day without a trace. Johnny notices a fortune teller carnival game in the room and as he touches the lever to check his "future," he's thrust back to the carnival in 1964. There he witnesses Franklin/Purdy (Eric Johnson) buy information on Clara Simon (Rebecca Robbins), the young woman pictured in the photo, from the young carnival barker, Nolan (Joseph May). Snapping back to reality, Johnny is upset by new questions he has about Purdy's character and as they leave the diner, they notice the man who has been following them.

Later, Johnny finds Clara Simon's residence and is surprised when Jessica answers the door. She seems nervous talking to him and when he pointedly asks her if she's after Purdy's money, she hands him a stack of check stubs, all issued from the Bethlehem Fund. As he hands them back, their hands touch, triggering the same vision as before of Purdy crying and pleading with Jessica, except this time, a shower of grain rains down and suffocates him. In the present, Johnny recognizes a red Bible from his previous visions of the carnival and touching it triggers a vision of Purdy bending over Clara's lifeless body. Nolan cries out that Purdy killed her and leaves him to his torment. Back in the present, Johnny again notices the man tailing them and decides he's had enough. Slamming on the brakes, he gets out of the car and as he grabs the man, Johnny is struck with a vision of him burning the old tent revival poster and reporting to Purdy on his cell phone that Johnny and Bruce know about the revival.

The next day, Johnny catches Purdy right before his church service, and when the minister again tries to blow him off, Johnny grabs his arm and is hit with a vision of a nervous young Purdy first going to visit Clara at home and meeting her three-year old daughter Jessica. Snapping back to reality, Johnny realizes that Jessica isn't Purdy's biological daughter but again, Purdy ignores his warnings about trouble ahead. Later, Walt gives Johnny the address of a parole office in Portland, Maine, where the officer reports that Nolan recently jumped his parole. The man hands Johnny an unopened letter Nolan left behind and as he holds it, he flashes to the present-day Nolan (Beau Starr) writing the letter in a room covered with articles on Purdy and Faith Heritage. Back in the present, Johnny realizes Nolan is going to come after Purdy. Meanwhile, in Purdy's limo, the reverend gives Jessica a wooden idol he received while doing missionary work in Africa. She is speechless as she accepts it. Later, at Faith Heritage, Purdy sees that his office has been ransacked, and in the midst of the mess is the idol with a ransom note attached. That night, Johnny returns home to find Purdy waiting to tell him that Jessica has been taken and he is prepared to pay whatever ransom is demanded. Purdy begs him to hold the idol for clues, but first Johnny asks some questions about Purdy's past life and Clara. When Purdy offers his hand, Johnny is thrust back in time to a scene at the tent revival, in which young Purdy is doing a "faith healing" of Clara in front of a crowd. In the present, Purdy tells Johnny he discovered too late that Clara believing she had been cured had stopped taking her medication for a serious condition. When she died, Purdy blamed himself. Johnny then informs the minister about Nolan's disappearance.

Johnny calls Walt and Bruce to ask for help, but when he returns, Purdy has vanished. Clues from the ransom note and Johnny's previous visions lead them to some grain silos outside Lewiston. Purdy's car is there and the three split up to search the silos. Meanwhile, Purdy has been knocked out and regains consciousness only to find that he's been chained up inside one of the silos. Nolan appears and angrily berates Purdy about the reverend's past and his own years in prison, while holding him at gunpoint. Outside, Johnny reaches the silo and flashes quickly on a vision of Purdy going inside. The door is locked, so he hunts around for another entrance. Inside, Purdy pleads for the safety of Jessica, but is shocked to see her unharmed and an apparent co-conspirator in the scheme. On the second level of the silo, Nolan starts the conveyor, deliberately breaking the key off in the ignition, and grain begins pouring down on Purdy. Outside, Johnny has another vision of Purdy's death and finds a way to crawl in. Meanwhile, Jessica is horrified by Nolan's actions, having only wanted a share of the ransom money as some compensation for her mother's death. Johnny comes up behind them and knocks the gun from Nolan's hands. Jessica grabs the rifle and points it at both of the men, conflicted about her loyalties, but Johnny pleads Purdy's case and she finally lowers the gun. Nolan takes off with the money and with only moments to spare, Johnny shoots the control panel on the conveyor to stop the falling grain. Together, Johnny and Jessica scoop the grain away from Purdy's fact to prevent him from suffocating. Later, Nolan is caught and taken away by the police, and Purdy decides to let Jessica go. Alone, Johnny asks Purdy if he ever took advantage of his mother's trust and Purdy assures him he was a changed man by the time he met her. As Johnny leaves, a sign in the background becomes visible, revealing the mystery behind the reverend's name change -- "Purdy Grain Company, Eugene, Oregon."


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