SEPTEMBER 12, 2007

Dear Dead Zone Fans,

As we head into the home stretch of our season, I've been asked quite a number of questions relating to an interesting dilemma that Johnny Smith confronted in episode 10, "Drift." Every season there is always one thing that draws more questions than anything else. This time, the scenario that caused these questions to percolate is when a pickpocket fleeces Johnny's wallet, leaving our hero cashless.

However, thanks to his friends at Visa, Johnny was able to purchase items utilizing their newest technology, merely waving his Visa card over their machine. It's pretty fantastic stuff, but alas it provoked a larger question about how Johnny handles money. In truth, throughout the years on Dead Zone, we've never really faced this issue, and "Drift" brought it out in full force: what happens when Johnny Smith touches Abe Lincoln, or George Washington, or his Ben Franklins or any other denomination, coin, or currency that has traded untold hands and passed through countless lives?

As in all of Johnny's visions that we've had in the past, there must be a rational explanation about why he might or might not receive his visions. For example, it took us some time to understand the explanation for Johnny's visions in "Precipitate" (the blood transplant episode), or more recently in this season's "Outcome." Johnny's visions could have been coming from almost anyone in those episodes, and he faced the daunting task of figuring out who was causing his vision from the crowd of potential candidates. Hence, currency seems like a natural outgrowth for a multi-touching, multi-vision experience.

In "Drift," Johnny managed to avoid this dilemma by using plastic that only he handles and thereby Johnny avoids having to see where all of his money has been, literally. Thank you, Visa. Hence, an elegant solution to a problem we had not addressed, yet.

Of course with that said, perhaps Johnny will be forced at another time to experience a multitude of visions from opening his wallet and handling his dollar bills. For that I say: stay tuned.

Thank you for your continuing viewership. Remember, this season's finale is on Sunday, September 16th. I promise you: you won't want to miss it.

Lloyd Segan

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