Shawn Farrell


Abducted: April 22, 2001 -- Highland Beach, Washington
Returned: August 14, 2004 -- Highland Beach, Washington
Known Abilities: Life force manipulation: capable of healing or harming with just his touch.


The future didn't want Shawn Farrell (Patrick Flueger) but when he blocked his cousin Kyle's abduction, Shawn was taken instead. When he returned to Earth, Shawn discovered he could heal (and harm) with his touch, using his ability to awaken a comatose Kyle. Later estranged from his family for nearly killing his brother Danny, Shawn sought solace with Jordan Collier in The 4400 Center. After Collier's assassination, it was Shawn who assumed Collier's responsibilities as leader of the Center and became the face of the 4400, using his healing ability to demonstrate that the 4400 could be a force for good in the world.

Shawn's moderate leadership of the 4400 movement was challenged by the more radical Nova Group. When Shawn discovered their true intentions and cut off their funding, the group utilized its leader's ability to drive Shawn insane. He was rescued by Isabelle, but his relationship with her proved to be problematic in its own right. Isabelle forced Shawn to agree to marry her, warning him that without his influence she could be a threat to humanity. But their wedding was ultimately averted, thanks to the surprise reappearance of Jordan Collier.

Shawn's relationship with Collier has become a tenuous one. He opposed Collier's plan to attack a military base, leaking the information to his uncle Tom. But when he was later pressed by NTAC for details about the promicin Collier had stolen, Shawn refused to betray his mentor. This loyalty had fateful consequences for Shawn, however. Isabelle used her abilities to torture him for information, thereby leaving him in a coma.


Ghost in the Machine
  • Collier is having trouble signing on followers now that Shawn has announced the promicin survival test. Kyle solves the problem by kidnapping Kevin Burkhoff and holding him in Promise City. Shawn goes there and tries to negotiate with Collier and Kyle but they refuse to let Burkhoff go.

One of Us
  • Kevin Burkhoff tells Shawn that nine out of ten left-handed people survive the promicin shot. This leads him to hypothesize that a test could be created that would determine who would survive the shot. Excited, Shawn tells Collier to hold off on handing out promicin until the test is perfected. Collier flatly refuses, but Shawn goes ahead and tells the media about this new discovery.

Daddy's Little Girl
  • Kevin Burkhoff calls Shawn and lets him know that Tess' schizophrenia has raged out of control. Shawn races to find her and is eventually able to heal her. Later, Shawn brings Burkhoff and Tess back to the 4400 Center. Burkhoff tells Shawn that he is working on research that will help predict who will survive the promicin shot and who will not.

No Exit
  • Shawn awakes to find himself trapped at NTAC with Kyle, Collier and many others. Eventually, PJ confesses that they are all trapped because he took promicin and developed the ability to draw others into a game that takes place in a shared psychic space. In the game, the players have to work together to overcome an obstacle; in this case, the obstacle is NTAC itself. When the building kills off Meghan, Shawn, and PJ, Collier and Tom join forces, however briefly, and save everyone by short-circuiting the building.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem
  • After healing a woman, Shawn becomes intimate with Kara, the woman's daughter. Kara then creates a political scandal by telling the press that Shawn forced her to have sex with him because he healed her mom.
  • When Shawn confronts Kara, she tells him that she only slandered him because someone paid her to and her family needed the money.
  • After Collier's miraculous demonstrations, Lenhoff tells Shawn that there is no middle path anymore, and that his political ambition is a lost cause. Shawn defies Lenhoff and decides to stay in the race.

The Marked
  • Shawn discovers that his political nemesis Gabriel Hewitt is now running for mayor. After Shawn tells Collier about this, Gabriel Hewitt has a stroke. Shawn accuses Collier of making it happen, but Collier denies any involvement.
  • Later, Shawn uses his healing ability to heal Gabriel Hewitt.

Try the Pie
  • Shawn's political opponent Gabriel Hewitt runs a smear campaign. He says that a 4400 has no business running for public office. Shawn decides to play nice and give Hewitt a tour of the 4400 center. While Hewitt admits to Shawn that he admires his work, he says he will continue with the mudslinging.
  • Later, Diana tells Shawn about Maia's dream and tries to warn him that by running he may be giving a platform to a very dangerous man. Shawn replies that Hewitt is just a member of the Seattle city council and is a long way from pulling those kind of strings. Shawn remains in the race in order to take a stand against hatred.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
  • Roland Lenhoff meets with Shawn and encourages him to run for Seattle city council. He tells Shawn that the government is losing the war against promicin and they need an alternative to Jordan Collier.
  • Shawn considers the possibility and even asks Kyle for his thoughts. Kyle's face brightens when he gets the news, telling Shawn that if he gets elected it takes a 4400 into the mainstream and people will start taking them seriously.
  • After Lenhoff's suggestion that Shawn stand in opposition to Jordan Collier, Shawn does a TV interview in which he openly disagrees with Collier's methods. An angry Kyle comes to Shawn with clinched fists and tell him "You're a traitor, Shawn. Don't you see that? A traitor."

Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
  • Shawn meets with Heather Tobey, a 4400 with the ability to draw out a child's potential. After partnering with her, Shawn announces to the media that he will be reopening the healing foundation again and using the 4400 Center as his base.
  • On the first day after reopening, Shawn promises to heal anyone who shows up. When that day comes, a group of national guardsmen blockade the entrance of the Center and demand that Shawn stops. Tom intervenes and convinces the men to let Shawn continue his work.
  • At the end of the day, Meghan Doyle and Tom greet an exhausted Shawn. Meghan decides to deal with the fallout and asks Shawn if he can heal her father. Shawn agrees.

Fear Itself
  • After getting the Promicin shot from Kyle, Shawn regains his health. It is not long before Shawn's brother Danny and his mother escort him home from the hospital.
  • At home, Shawn's brother Danny reveals that he is considering taking a shot of Promicin. At first Shawn tries to discourage his brother with the grim survival statistics, but eventually Shawn realizes that his brother will obtain the shot regardless. To keep his brother from possibly getting arrested, Shawn provides his brother with Promicin, adding another cautionary warning: "These abilities cause as many problems as they solve."
  • Later, Shawn heals a p-positive autistic boy who is having trouble controlling a dangerous ability.

The Wrath of Graham
  • After getting a shot of promicin from Kyle, Shawn wakes up from his coma.


  • The future chooses Kyle Baldwin, but when Shawn interrupts the abduction he is taken instead, sending Kyle into a coma.

  • When Shawn returns, he discovers he has the ability to both restore and drain life force. Shawn realizes the magnitude of his powers when he manages to awaken Kyle from a three-year coma by merely touching him.

  • After being thrown out of the house for attacking his brother Danny, and losing a potential relationship with Nikki, an alienated Shawn seeks refuge at Jordan Collier's complex. Shawn informs Jordan of his powers, piquing the interest of Collier, who will soon become his mentor.

  • Taking advantage of Shawn's unique powers, Collier enlists him to heal important benefactors of The 4400 Center. Some question Collier's intentions.

  • The death of Collier has left a void at the top of The 4400 Center -- one that a reluctant Shawn fills. Faced with an avalanche of responsibility, Shawn ponders turning his back on the Center before Lily Moore convinces him to stay and use his powers to help people.

  • Shawn becomes sick with what he mistakes for the flu but is really a 4400 pandemic. He is soon quarantined along with the rest of the 4400s. After receiving the serum made from Isabelle's blood, Shawn is healed, and in turn, heals his fellow 4400s.

  • Overnight, Isabelle grows into a mature woman. She and Shawn begin to develop a relationship.

  • Shawn meets with Daniel Armand and NOVA. Thinking NOVA will help the 4400, Shawn agrees to fund their efforts. When he discovers NOVA’s true motives, Shawn turns TJ Kim (a NOVA member) over to NTAC. Daniel Armand informs Shawn that he "won't be forgiven."

  • When Shawn is attacked, he is forced to tell Matthew and Richard about his dealings with the NOVA Group. They convince Shawn to have Richard help him run the Center.

  • Doctors diagnose a paranoid and delusional Shawn with disorganized schizophrenia and send him to the hospital. Convinced that the Nova group are responsible, Isabelle tracks down Daniel Armand to cure Shawn. When Shawn finally learns about all the people Isabelle harmed along the way, Shawn is confused about who exactly Isabelle is.

  • Isabelle persuades Shawn to marry her, asserting that Shawn is supposed to stop the harmful things she might do. Not convinced, Shawn decides to kill her while she is sleeping. When it doesn't work, Shawn decides he is supposed to be with Isabelle after all.

  • Shawn finds out that Collier is still alive and calls off the wedding temporarily.

  • Shawn learns from his uncle that Isabelle has been working with Dennis Ryland and Haspel Corp. He also finds out that Jordan was responsible for breaking the NOVA group out of NTAC. When Shawn turns him in to NTAC, Jordan explains that he was merely testing Shawn's loyalties.

  • Devon becomes the first fatality from the promicin injection and Shawn is brought into NTAC for interrogation. Isabelle shows up and uses her abilities to "interrogate" Shawn. Weak and hurt after his encounter with Isabelle, Shawn is taken to NTAC medical.


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