Richard Tyler

Abducted: May 11, 1951 -- Sinanju, Korea
Returned: August 14, 2004 -- Highland Beach, Washington
Known Abilities: Telekinesis  


A pilot in the Korean War who disappeared in 1951, Richard Tyler (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) returned to find love with fellow 4400 Lily Moore, the granddaughter of the woman he was involved with prior to his abduction.

Unbeknownst to Richard and Lily, they'd conceived a child together while in the future. It wasn't until their return that they learned of Lily's pregnancy. After the birth of their daughter, Isabelle, and fearing for their child's safety, Richard and Lily lived a life on the run, hiding from both Jordan Collier and NTAC. Eventually, however, the family made peace with Collier and settled at the 4400 Center.

But Richard's hope for a peaceful existence was cut short by sudden drastic changes in his life. Overnight, his daughter grew from an infant into a grown woman, while his wife aged fifty years. The rapid aging process eventually resulted in Lily's untimely death.

At the behest of Matthew Ross, Richard took on a leadership role at the 4400 Center. He severed all ties with the militant Nova Group, which led their leader Daniel Armand to take action against Shawn Farrell. Isabelle saved Shawn, killing a number of Nova Group members in the process. Richard talked Isabelle into turning herself into NTAC, but a lack of evidence freed her of all charges. Richard wasn't able to convince Isabelle to leave Shawn alone, however, and he was forced to accept their relationship and eventual engagement.

Although Richard began to develop a telekinetic ability, it was no match for the myriad abilities possessed by Isabelle. But in the end, it was Richard who took away her powers, telekinetically injecting her with the syringe the future had given Tom Baldwin.

After Jordan Collier's return, Richard assisted him in stealing promicin from a government installation. But after learning that those who take it have a fifty percent chance of dying, Richard disagreed with Collier over the morality of handing it out. After promicin hit the streets, he left Collier's movement and embarked on a new life as a fugitive.


One of Us
  • Richard is trying to have a normal family life with the now two-year old Isabelle. One day he comes home and finds Lily at the house, but she doesn't know where's she been. Richard doesn't believe that she's real, but he still enjoys spending time with her. When Richard tells Lily what he did to Isabelle, she is upset with him. So Richard gets Cora to bring Isabelle back to her adult age.
  • Tom and Diana finally track Richard down and Tom is able to tranquilize him and bring him in to NTAC.

Daddy's Little Girl
  • Richard unexpectedly appears at Promise City and uses his ability to kidnap Isabelle. He gives her a drink that makes her become younger, eventually transforming her into a two year old.


  • Richard is returned to Earth but the former soldier isn't given a hero's welcome. While in quarantine, Richard befriends fellow 4400, Lily Moore, the granddaughter of his former love.

  • Richard learns Lily is pregnant although they conceived the child while in the future.

  • Living at Arcadia Estates with Lily and working as an estate security guard, Richard learns of Jordan Collier's intentions to kidnap Lily and his unborn daughter Isabelle. During their effort to escape, Collier is paralyzed by simply touching Lily's pregnant belly.

  • On the run from Collier and NTAC, Richard, Lily and baby Isabelle are hunted down by a religious zealot claiming the child is the devil. Isabelle saves the lives of her parents by willing death upon the stalkers.

  • Unaffected by the disease attacking The 4400s, Richard takes control of The 4400 Center from a sickly Shawn who enters quarantine. Richard later sets up safe houses across the world for healthy 4400s.

  • As The 4400s recover, Richard begins to discover his telekinetic ability.

  • Richard discovers that his daughter and wife have both aged overnight. His daughter is now in her 20's and his wife is an elderly woman.

  • Realizing Lily's condition is only getting worse, the couple take a trip to the cabin they once lived in to spend their last days together. Soon after arriving, Lily passes away.

  • After learning that Shawn donated money to the NOVA group, Matthew convinces Shawn to get Richard to help run the Center.

  • Richard is furious when he finds out Shawn and Isabelle have been seeing one another and insists the relationship end. Angry with her father, Isabelle uses her abilities to momentarily harm him.

  • Richard suspects that Shawn's bizarre behavior is not the rapid onset of disorganized schizophrenia but actually an attack by members of the NOVA group. He agrees to have Shawn hospitalized only to later find out that Isabelle has broken Shawn free and proceeded on a rampage.

  • Richard convinces Isabelle to surrender Daniel Armand to NTAC in order to prevent her from murdering again.

  • Richard is not happy about Shawn and Isabelle’s upcoming wedding. When Shawn tells Richard that Isabelle believes being married to him will help prevent her from doing horrible things, Richard and Shawn weigh their options.

  • Although Richard practices his telekinetic skills, he still has difficulty controlling them. In an effort to hone his ability he asks Heather, a 4400 school teacher, to help him.

  • Richard is startled to learn that if Shawn marries Isabelle, he will murder Richard in the future.

  • Richard informs Isabelle that the wedding will have to be delayed because Jordan Collier was scene at The 4400 Center. Richard worries what Collier's return will mean for his daughter.

  • Richard is distraught when he learns that Isabelle has been partnering with Ryland and he finally realizes that he's lost his daughter for good. When Collier seeks support for breaking the NOVA group out of NTAC and attacking Ryland's enhanced army, Richard surprisingly agrees with all of his decisions. So much so that he even helps Collier steal the promicin from Haspel Corp.

  • After Devon dies from the promicin injection, Richard attempts to destroy the supply of promicin. Collier and NOVA manage to stop and restrain Richard, but when Isabelle arrives at the 4400 Center ready to destroy it, Richard is released to try and stop her. When he finds his daughter attempting to kill Tom, Richard realizes he has no other choice, and uses his ability to hurl Tom's white syringe into her back. But Richard is surprised to find that instead of killing her, the substance takes away her abilities.


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