Maia Skouris

Abducted: March 3, 1946 -- Crescent City, California
Returned: August 14, 2004 -- Highland Beach, Washington
Known Abilities: Pre-cognition


Maia Skouris (Conchita Campbell) is the oldest child you know. The first of the known abductees, she disappeared in 1946 and returned having not aged a day. Her family long gone, Maia was adopted by NTAC agent Diana Skouris. Blessed with precognition, Maia sometimes has visions of the future that are disturbing. She was able to forecast of Jordan Collier's murder, but it didn't prevent his death. Once she was taken off the promicin inhibitor, Maia became overwhelmed by her visions, filling up stacks of diaries with predictions.

Maia prevailed on her mother to allow her to attend school at the 4400 Center alongside other children with abilities. Maia and some of her classmates were abducted and sent back into the past, an attempt by the future to make further changes to the timeline. But Tom and Diana were able to contact the future and negotiate their return; in exchange for the children's release, Tom was instructed to kill Isabelle. But Tom was unable to fulfill this mission, a decision that almost cost Maia her life when Isabelle attacked her classroom at the 4400 Center.

The trauma of that experience led Diana to resign from NTAC and relocate to Spain, taking Maia with her. They live in San Sebastian with Diana's boyfriend Ben, a photographer who had previously been involved with her sister April ... until Maia predicted that it was actually Diana and Ben who would end up together.


Ghost in the Machine
  • Maia's friend Lindsey Hammond calls her and tells her to come to Promise City. Because of a p-positive's ability, Maia is able to hang out with a virtual version of her birth parents.

No Exit
  • Maia awakes to find herself trapped at NTAC with Kyle, Collier and many others. Eventually, PJ confesses that they are all trapped because he took promicin and developed the ability to draw others into a game that takes place in a shared psychic space. In the game, the players have to work together to overcome an obstacle; in this case, the obstacle is NTAC itself. When the building kills off Meghan, Shawn, and PJ, Collier and Tom join forces, however briefly, and save everyone by short-circuiting the building.
  • During the game, Maia asks Diana why she and Marco no longer hang out. As a result, Diana has a heart-to-heart with Marco and invites him over for dinner.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem
  • Maia has a vision that Collier and his followers are about to do something big. She sees that they are in Seattle, and that Kyle is with him. Her vision then inspires a drawing, which leads NTAC to Collier's new base in south Seattle called Promise City.
  • Later, Maia has a vision that if soldiers kill Collier, everything goes black. A frightened Maia manages to get in to Promise City to warn Collier. While there, Collier shows Maia what his followers have been up to and she is suitably impressed.
  • Diana soon comes after Maia and is taken in to Promise City. There, she tells Collier that if there is a war between people with abilities and people without abilities, everyone loses. Maia lies and tells Collier that she had a vision to support Diana's claim.

Try the Pie
  • Maia is haunted by a nightmare in which p-positives are being rounded up and taken into custody with malicious intentions. In one of the dreams, she sees a photo of Gabriel Hewitt and worries that he may be in a position of high power in this vision.

Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
  • After the lease is up on the place in San Sebastian, Maia and Ben return home to Seattle to be with Diana.

The Wrath of Graham
  • After spending three months in Spain with her mother and Ben, Maia is saddened to learn that her mother is leaving, and has a vision that she won't be coming back.


  • While on a picnic with her parents, 8-year-old Maia becomes the first known abductee of The 4400.

  • Maia returns with the power to see the future but no one to take care of her. Fortunately NTAC agent Diana Skouris officially adopts her.

  • In an effort to appear normal, Maia claims she has stopped seeing visions of the future. The truth is she is recording them in a stash of secret diaries.

  • In one of her many visions, Maia predicts Jordan Collier's assassination. Collier is informed of the vision and when he confronts Maia, she stands by her prediction. When Isabelle "shows" Collier a different version of his future he mistakenly believes her. As is always the case, Maia's vision is accurate and Collier is assassinated.

  • Diana begins to notice a mysterious rash on Maia's body and Maia soon falls ill. Searching for answers they visit the NTAC medical center. Maia's condition continues to worsen and soon other 4400s begin showing similar symptoms and are eventually all placed in quarantine.

  • Deathly ill, Maia is healed at the last minute by a now healthy Shawn. But although she is healed her visions become more intense than ever and Maia tells a concerned Diana and Marco that "the war is only starting."

  • A hesitant Diana brings Maia to The 4400 Center School where Maia is excited by the prospect of attending school with people just like herself.

  • A woman from the future claims to be Sara Rutledge, Maia’s sister. She kidnaps Maia and sends her into the past. Although Diana tries to live with Maia in an alternate reality, Tom eventually strikes a deal with the future for Maia's safe return to the present.

  • Maia has a nightmare in which her mother turns into a monster, one that begins to come true when Diana learns she's being injected with the promicin serum.

  • Maia is thrilled when Diana's sister, April, arrives with her new boyfriend Ben. However, Maia has a vision of Diana getting married to Ben instead of April. Not long after, Ben and Diana start seeing each other.

  • Diana, worried about her daughter's safety, forbids Maia to continue to attend school at The 4400 Center. But Maia defies her mother and sneaks back.

  • When Isabelle later arrives at the Center, ready to bring it down in order to get to Collier, Maia tells her that her plan won't work and fortunately Tom, Diana and Richard arrive in time. With the current crisis behind them, Maia and Diana leave Seattle to live with Ben in Spain.


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