Kyle Baldwin


The future chose Kyle Baldwin (Chad Faust), but when his cousin Shawn Farrell pushed him out of the way, it was Shawn who was taken instead. The experience left Kyle comatose for three years. When the 4400 were returned, Kyle was given a second chance at life when Shawn used his newfound healing ability to awaken him. But Kyle wasn't exactly himself. His body was inhabited by a being from the future, one whose purpose was to warn humanity of the coming catastrophe.

Following a year in quarantine, Kyle was ultimately released. But he soon began having blackouts, emerging from them with no recollection where he'd been or what he'd been doing. When his memory started coming back to him, Kyle realized he was responsible for the assassination of Jordan Collier. Although Shawn was able to eventually free Kyle of the entity inside of him, Kyle turned himself in to the authorities and confessed to Collier's murder. As he was awaiting trial in prison, Kyle had a visit from a surprise visitor ... a resurrected Jordan Collier.

After Collier testified on his behalf, Kyle was released from prison. Believing he was destined to help the 4400, Kyle asked Collier for guidance. After their conversation, Kyle decided to leave home. He told his father he'd be traveling around the country, holding workshops at 4400 Centers to speak about his experiences.

When Collier made Promicin available to the public, Kyle became one of the first people to take the shot.



Ghost in the Machine
  • Kyle and Collier are having trouble signing on followers now that Shawn has announced the promicin survival test. Kyle solves the problem by kidnapping Kevin Burkhoff and holding him in Promise City.

One of Us
  • Kyle uses p-positive Byron Lillibridge to make Richard think he is seeing his dead wife Lily. When Richard tells Lily what he did to Isabelle, Lily is not happy and encourages him to undo what he's done.
  • Cassie appears and tells Kyle that the plan worked: Richard has brought Isabelle back to the right age, but that she escaped. Kyle's face turns red with rage upon hearing this news. All he wanted was to get Isabelle back. Cassie quiets Kyle and gives him his next mission: stop Shawn Farrell.

Daddy's Little Girl
  • When Richard kidnaps Isabelle, Kyle leaves Promise City to track her down. He finds her, but is surprised to see that Richard has given her a drink to turn her back into a child again.

No Exit
  • Kyle awakes to find himself trapped at NTAC with Collier and many others. Eventually, PJ confesses that they are all trapped because he took promicin and developed the ability to draw others into a game that takes place in a shared psychic space. In the game, the players have to work together to overcome an obstacle; in this case, the obstacle is NTAC itself. When the building kills off Meghan, Shawn, and PJ, Collier and Tom join forces, however briefly, and save everyone by short-circuiting the building.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem
  • Isabelle again asks Kyle again about her role in the revolution. Kyle tells her to keep having faith.
  • Maia has a vision that leads NTAC to Promise City. When U.S. soldiers plan to invade, Tom warns Kyle to get out, but Kyle demurs. Kyle tells his father about his ability and his new role in Collier's revolution.

Try the Pie
  • Now that Tom knows Kyle took promicin, Kyle is unable to return home. Instead, Cassie directs Kyle and Isabelle to a secluded area where they find Collier bathing. Collier is shocked to see the young man who shot him and the woman who wanted him dead. Kyle tries to reassure Collier with the news that he took the shot and that he is committed to Collier's cause. He tells Collier that he needs to read the White Light book.
  • At first, Collier takes Kyle and Isabelle prisoner. After reading the White Light book, he begins to gain trust in Kyle.
  • Later, Kyle finally meets with his father. He assures him that the people in Evanston are not evil; they're just trying to make the world a better place. Kyle then tells him that he should think about taking the shot.
  • Collier directs Kyle and the rest of his followers to leave Evanston and head for Seattle.

The Marked
  • Kyle sends Shawn excerpts from the White Light book. Kyle follows up with a phonecall, letting Shawn know that Jordan Collier wants to see him.
  • After Shawn accuses Collier of giving Gabriel Hewitt have a stroke, Kyle wants to know if it's true. When Collier denies it, Kyle believes him.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
  • As the search for Isabelle intensifies, Kyle and Isabelle take refuge at a bunk house at Camp Chinook. Isabelle offers to help Kyle translate the coded portion of the White Light text.
  • Later, Kyle discovers that Shawn is running for Seattle city council. At first, Kyle can barely contain his enthusiasm at having a 4400 in public office. But when he discovers that Shawn is openly criticizing Collier, he storms into Shawn's office and declares him a traitor.
  • Isabelle tells Kyle that she finished decoding the White Light text and that there is a list of names of people who must take promicin to ensure the movement's success. Kyle is shocked to discover his father's name is on the list.

Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
  • Cassie tells Kyle that he needs to keep reading the White Light book. She tells him that it's going to change everything. Kyle steals the book and studies it more carefully. Although Kyle's doubts have begun to dissipate, he is still unsure. Cassie assures him that the book is the blueprint for how Collier's going to lead the human race to salvation; And Kyle is the shaman that will help guide Collier.
  • At Cassie's urging, Kyle meets her at an intersection late at night. As they look on, a van crashes and the back doors fly open. Isabelle Tyler gets out.

Fear Itself
  • After a few visits from Kyle, Shawn becomes aware of how much Kyle has changed. Not only is he now quoting Jordan Collier, but Kyle admits to taking Promicin.
  • Kyle meets Cassie and confronts her with the truth that she is not really an art student. Cassie responds by bringing Kyle to a house and asking him to go inside. There Kyle learns about a cult called White Light founded in 1918. This cult spoke of a future that sounds very much like the 4400; even their messiah is a spitting image of Jordan Collier. Cassie further adds to the intrigue by suggesting to Kyle that he is the shaman mentioned in the book. Intrigued, and somewhat disturbed, Kyle tells Cassie to leave him alone.
  • Later, Cassie appears at Kyle's house and tells him that she is not real. She is his ability, there to guide him to carry out his quest.

The Wrath of Graham
  • Kyle moves back in with his father after getting a job as a legal aid for the 4400. While visiting Shawn in the hospital, Kyle confesses that he took the shot, but didn't develop an ability.

  • Later, Kyle meets art student Cassie Dunleavy on a park bench. They soon meet up again and this time Cassie suggests that someone give Shawn a shot of Promicin to see if that wakes him up. Kyle takes her advice and administers the shot to a sleeping Shawn. After a violent seizure, Shawn jolts awake.

  • Curious about Cassie, Kyle inquires about her at school only to discover that she is not actually a student.


  • The future chooses Kyle, but his cousin Shawn interrupts the abduction, only to get taken instead.

  • Kyle is left comatose for three years while Shawn is missing, during which time his parents' marriage is irrevocably damaged.

  • Shawn, still wrestling with the extent and purpose of his newfound powers, awakens Kyle from his coma. Kyle returns, however, not as he once was but possessed by a higher power.

  • A despondent Kyle demands Tom take him back to Highland Beach. While there, a beam of light releases from his chest, allowing Tom to interact with the future beings. The future informs him that The 4400 have been sent back to save humanity and re-write history. NTAC agents egregiously shoot Kyle to free Tom, but Kyle survives, freed from his possessor and ready to return to normalcy.

  • As Kyle adjusts to his life again, he begins to experience frequent blackouts, unable to account for his time. Unbeknownst to Kyle, it is during one of these blackouts that he assassinates Jordan Collier.

  • Kyle admits to Shawn and his father that he is responsible for Collier's murder. As Shawn hugs his cousin, Kyle is inadvertently freed from the remaining effects of his possession. Tom and Alana escort Kyle to the police station, where he confesses to his role in Collier's murder.

  • Kyle remains in jail while awaiting trial for the murder of Jordan Collier. He refuses to see his father.

  • Kyle is amazed and terrified when Jordan Collier shows up to visit him in prison. Collier convinces a judge to release Kyle - he can't be guilty of murder if there never was one.

  • After getting out of jail, Kyle visits Collier and decides that his new purpose is to help the 4400. Although his father attempts to talk him out of it, Kyle leaves Seattle to travel to 4400 Centers around the country talking about his experiences.

  • While on the road, Kyle procures a promicin shot and faces the decision of whether or not to take it.


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