Kevin Burkhoff

Kevin Burkhoff (Jeffrey Combs) was a world-renowned neurochemist before suffering a mental breakdown. He was committed to Abendson Psychiatric Hospital, where he remained until he was awakened by a device constructed by Tess Doerner, a 4400 and fellow patient.

After checking himself out of Abendson, Burkhoff began doing neurological research on the 4400. His research helped expose a government conspiracy -- the 4400 had been unknowingly receiving injections of promicin inhibitor, a substance designed to prevent them from gaining extra-human abilities. But the inhibitor was making them sick, and Burkhoff's discovery led to their eventual cure.

Burkhoff subsequently immersed himself in the study of promicin, which included injecting it into his own body. He eventually became the first non-4400 promicin positive, developing the ability to heal himself. He also experimented on an unwitting Diana Skouris, but the experiment didn't go as planned. When NTAC swooped in and attempted to arrest him, it was the ability of the recently released Tess that helped him evade capture.

Kevin and Tess were recruited by Jordan Collier to join his movement. It was Kevin's research that enabled the distribution of promicin, fulfilling the prediction that he would become "the father of 4400 technology."


Ghost in the Machine
  • While working late one night, Kyle and his minions kidnap Burkhoff for fear that he will complete his research into the promicin survival test. Shawn goes to Promise City in an attempt to get Burkhoff back, but Collier refuses to let him go.

Daddy's Little Girl
  • Kevin Burkhoff calls Shawn and lets him know that Tess' schizophrenia has raged out of control. Shawn races to find her and is eventually able to heal her. Later, Shawn brings Burkhoff and Tess back to the 4400 Center. Burkhoff tells Shawn that he is working on research that will help predict who will survive the promicin shot and who will not.

The Wrath of Graham
  • Burkhoff tells Collier that Tess needs medical care. When Collier refuses, Burkhoff reminds him that Tess' ability is what is keeping them all from being arrested and found out.

  • Tess soon runs away, and Burkhoff goes out to find her.


  • Kevin makes his first appearance as a patient at Abenson Psychiatric Hospital suffering from paranoid personality disorder. Fellow patient and 4400 returnee Tess Doerner "commissions" a structure that seems to produce nothing but a high-pitched sound ... but it's one that shakes Kevin from his disorder. The neuroscience professor speaks for the first time in years.

  • Kevin appears on TV, criticizing The 4400 Center for being a scam that cheats people out of their money. Shawn Farrell hears a measure of truth in his words and asks Kevin to join The Center. Together they can help discover ways of creating new 4400s.

  • Kevin cracks the mystery behind the plague afflicting The 4400: it's no disease, but an inhibitor NTAC has been injecting into The 4400. Kevin discovers that the inhibitor targets a substance called promicin -- a substance unique to The 4400 and responsible for their supernatural abilities.

  • Baby Isabelle provides Kevin with the untainted blood needed to synthesize a cure for The 4400. Kevin gives the antidote to Diana, who then injects it into Shawn.

  • Curious about the effects of promicin, Kevin begins to inject himself with the serum.

  • Kevin appears sick as he treats Lily. His coworkers begin to question his health.

  • Diana discovers that Kevin has been injecting himself with a modified version of the promicin serum. His goal to produce promicin on his own and become the first non-returnee to develop 4400 abilities. Diana agrees to help monitor his progress.

  • Kevin increases his doses of the promicin shot and although his physical condition worsens, his body becomes able to instantly heal. When he plunges a scalpel through his hand he comes away from it unharmed.

  • Kevin Burkhoff's condition continues to worsen from the promicin serum injections. When Kevin is hunted down by an unknown man, Kevin retreats to a cabin with a now healthy Tess Doerner to continue his experiments. Fearing that he may not live much longer, Kevin uses Tess's ability to control others to force Diana (unbeknownst to her), to inject herself with the serum. After NTAC learns about his experiments on Diana, Kevin has no choice but to kidnap her fearing that he is running out of time. Fortunately, Tom and NTAC find them before Diana can be harmed beyond repair but Kevin and Tess manage to escape. Although Kevin seemed on the brink of death, hours later he appears a new man. He's handsome, healthy and has developed 4400 abilities. Together he and Tess leave Seattle.


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