Jordan Collier


Abducted: April 10, 2002 -- New York, New York
Returned: August 14, 2004 -- Highland Beach, Washington 
Known Abilities: Permanently removing the abilities of promicin positives (aka "extra crispies").


A former businessman and hotel mogul, Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell) returned to Earth believing he had been given a second chance to make something of his life. Collier opened The 4400 Center, a place where 4400s could live in peace and where ordinary people could learn to unlock The 4400 within themselves. During this time Collier authored the book "4400 and Counting," revealing to the world the truth about The 4400: they were sent from the future to help prevent the demise of mankind.

But Jordan's tenure as the self-proclaimed figurehead of The 4400 was cut short when he was assassinated by Kyle Baldwin. Or was he? During his memorial service, Jordan's body mysteriously disappeared, sparking rumors that he was still alive. These rumors proved accurate when a resurrected but disheveled Collier appeared at the wedding of Shawn and Isabelle.

Suffering from amnesia, Collier visited an imprisoned Kyle in search of answers. Soon after, he was taken into NTAC custody and with the help of Alana Mareva's ability was able to recover his memory. He recalled having wandered the earth for many years, witnessing the evolution of a bleak future in which a brutal elite walled itself off inside the world's last city and consigned the rest of humanity to the surrounding wasteland. Collier believed that the only way this fate could be averted was by making 4400 abilities available to everyone.

Toward that end, Jordan stole thousands of vials of Promicin from a government facility, making him a fugitive from the law. He distributed the Promicin to the public, warning them that taking the shot carries with it serious risks. Fifty percent of those who inject themselves will die. While on the run, Collier begins receiving reports of people taking the Promicin shots, confirming that changes to the world have begun ... the future is being rewritten.


Ghost in the Machine
  • Collier is having trouble signing on followers now that Shawn has announced the promicin survival test. Kyle solves the problem by kidnapping Kevin Burkhoff and holding him in Promise City.

One of Us
  • Shawn tells Collier that he is developing a new test that will determine whether someone will survive the promicin shot. Collier flatly refuses, but Shawn goes ahead and tells the media about this new discovery.

Daddy's Little Girl
  • When Richard arrives in Promise City, Collier gives him a tour and asks him to join the cause. Richard declines the offer and leaves with Isabelle soon after.

No Exit
  • Jordan awakes to find himself trapped at NTAC with Kyle and many others. Eventually, PJ confesses that they are all trapped because he took promicin and developed the ability to draw others into a game that takes place in a shared psychic space. In the game, the players have to work together to overcome an obstacle; in this case, the obstacle is NTAC itself. When the building kills off Meghan, Shawn, and PJ, Collier and Tom join forces, however briefly, and save everyone by short-circuiting the building.
  • After Tom wakes up after the game, he calls Collier. Collier says that just because they cooperated in the dream, nothing is going to change. He will still build Promise City and hand out promicin to anyone who wants it.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem
  • Collier sends a video to the media to announce the arrival of Promise City. In the message, he says that he wants to transform the world into a paradise. However, he warns that if he is threatened, there will be consequences.
  • When Maia gets inside Promise City, she warns Collier that soldiers are coming to get him. Collier shows Maia around Promise City.
  • When Captain Aquino and his men try to invade Promise City, Jordan stops them and then takes away their abilities. Later, Collier and his followers expand the borders of promise city so it is now twice as large.

The Marked
  • Kyle leads Jordan and his followers to an old bomb shelter in Seattle.
  • Later, Shawn meets with Collier and tells him about Maia's vision in which Gabriel Hewitt is rounding up 4400s and sending them to a prison camp. Soon after, Hewitt has a stroke and Shawn blames Collier. Collier denies any involvement.

Try the Pie
  • When Kyle and Isabelle find him bathing, Collier is surprised and shocked. He takes Kyle and Isabelle into his custody. There, Kyle persuades him to read the White Light book and Collier begins to take Kyle seriously.
  • Later, Collier finds out that Tom is in Evanston and he uses his fellow p-positives to make sure Tom doesn't try anything aggressive. Collier tells Tom that Kyle has joined his cause and that Evanston a town of all p-positives is a model for a better world.
  • Collier asks Isabelle why he should trust her. She tells him that she's not in the White Light book and no longer has any abilities. However, Kyle has assured her that the movement needs her there. Collier lets her in, but remains skeptical.
  • After Kyle is unable to convince Tom to take the shot, Collier gives Tom a sedative and clears everyone out of town. "We're going to Seattle," he tells them.

The Wrath of Graham
  • Collier wakes up from a nightmare and is consoled by Kevin Burkhoff. "I know what kind of world I prevented," Collier tells him. "But is the world I created any better?"

  • Later, Collier gets "messiah envy" when he sees footage of Graham Holt on TV. Collier goes to meet Graham and puts his hands on Graham's face. This takes Graham's ability away.

  • Collier posts an internet message saying that a new era has begun.


  • As public sentiment toward The 4400 begins to turn hostile, Jordan Collier, himself a 4400, gathers his fellow returnees at Highland Beach.

  • Collier organizes a meeting at his estate, where he begins to collect information on his fellow 4400s and their abilities.

  • Collier's attempts to control the lives of Lily, Richard and their unborn child, Isabelle are exposed. Guards at the Arcadia Estates try to detain them, but when Collier touches Lily's belly, the child unleashes paralyzing pain on him.

  • Collier opens The 4400 Center where 4400s can learn to harness their ability and normal humans can learn how to unlock their own "inner" 4400. Collier publishes a book, "4400 and Counting," using information from secret NTAC documents. The book explains the origins of The 4400.

  • After Isabelle's attack on Collier, he tells Shawn that it was for the better. The attack helped him remove his bad intentions towards The 4400.

  • Collier is informed that Maia Skouris had a vision of him being killed. When he confronts Maia about it she stands by her vision. But Collier chooses to ignore her after Isabelle "shows" him a different version of his future. In the end it is Maia who is right: Collier is assassinated.

  • Later, a man bearing a striking resemblance to Jordan Collier calls out to Shawn right before the wedding.

  • Unable to remember who he is, Jordan Collier shows up at the prison looking for answers from Kyle. After Collier is arrested and brought in to NTAC, Alana returns to use her ability to help him regain his memories.

  • When Collier is finally released from NTAC he is welcomed by an immense crowd, willing and ready to follow the man they believe to be the messiah anywhere.

  • With the proof that Collier is alive, Kyle is freed from prison and Jordan returns to the Center only to find Isabelle waiting for him. Although Jordan forgives Isabelle for deceiving him when she was a baby, he insists that she leave the Center, explaining that she will always be an enemy of The 4400.

  • During a press conference, Collier explains that he has seen the future and it is bleak a war is starting and the 4400 must band together to fight evil.

  • Collier creates a distraction by threatening to attack Ryland. Meanwhile, he steals the promicin from Haspel Corp. with plans to distribute it to anyone and everyone.

  • Collier releases a video on the internet of Devon injecting promicin and explains that soon everyone will have the chance to develop 4400 abilities. When Devon unexpectedly dies from the injection, Jordon tells Richard that they must be willing to suffer a few casualties in order to achieve their goal.


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