Alana Mareva

Abducted: September 5, 2001 -- Seattle, Washington
Returned: August 14, 2004 -- Highland Beach, Washington
Known Abilities: Alternate reality creation


A widow since her husband and son were killed in a car accident, Alana Mareva (Karina Lombard) returned with the ability to create alternate realities out of people's memories. Alana's ability enabled her to form a bond with Tom Baldwin, a relationship forged by the future so that she could help him through the difficult times that lie ahead.

That relationship was tested, however, when she betrayed Tom by alerting fellow 4400 Gary Navarro that NTAC was after him. This forced Tom into a precarious position, and he eventually attempted a trade to win her freedom. But Tom couldn't go through with it, which meant Alana had to go on the run in order to avoid arrest.

After working out an arrangement with NTAC, Alana returned to Seattle. She used her ability on Jordan Collier, enabling him to recover his memory. This allowed him to testify on Kyle Baldwin's behalf, thereby securing his release from prison. Tom's family was not reunited for long, however. Alana was re-abducted by the future, disappearing in a ball of light similar to the one that'd taken the original 4400.


  • Alana meets Tom Baldwin in an alternate reality based upon their individual memories. Alana and Tom begin an eight-year marriage in this alternate universe and upon returning to the real world choose to continue their relationship. Together they try to integrate Tom's son Kyle into their new life.

  • After Jordan Collier's assassination, Kyle goes missing. In an effort to find him, Alana searches Kyle's room and finds a key to a locker. She and Tom track down the locker and its contents: a gun and a newspaper article on Collier -- evidence implicating Kyle. Alana hides the evidence to help cover up Kyle's murderous deed.

  • After the real and alternate worlds she created begin conflicting with one another, Alana is ailed by the same illness afflicting other 4400s. She leaves Tom to enter quarantine.

  • Newly cured by Shawn and healthy again, Alana and Tom escort Kyle to the police station where he turns himself in for Collier's murder.

  • Alana begins to hone her ability to create alternate realities and she and Tom use them as escapes.

  • Alana begins to come to grips with the fact that she is a 4400 and decides to start attending seminars at the Center.

  • With 4400 Boyd Gelder impersonating Tom, Alana finds herself unable to distinguish between her husband and the impersonator. But after being taken hostage by Boyd, Alana finally manages to recognize the real Tom and helps him take down and arrest Boyd.

  • Tom learns that Alana is considering a teaching position at The 4400 Center School, one where she'll use her ability to help the students. In anticipation of her new position, Alana begins practicing her ability with Heather, a fellow 4400.

  • Alana creates an alternate reality for Diana to visit Maia. When Diana attempts to stay there, Alana and Tom visit her and try, unsuccessfully, to convince her to come home.

  • After counseling Todd Barstow, a young 4400, Alana finds that he can not only sense her feelings regarding the death of her husband and son but that he also knows who killed them.

  • After Tom and Diana unsuccessfully attempt to arrest NOVA member Gary Navarro, Alana reveals to Tom that she tipped off Gary to the pending arrest. Realizing she has no other choice, Alana turns herself over to Dennis Ryland and Haspel Corp. Tom searches for a way to free his wife, finally realizing that if he finds Gary, he can trade the NOVA member for Alana. But Tom and Diana canít follow through with the plan and instead encourage Alana and Gary to flee Seattle and live a life on the run. Alana fears she will never see her husband again.

  • At Tomís request, Alan returns to Seattle and uses her ability to help Jordan collier regain his memory. Afterwards, Alana is forced to go back on the run.

  • Alana returns to Seattle and her life with Tom and Kyle.

  • When Maia and Diana are leaving Seattle, Maia tells Alana a disturbing vision. When they return from Spain, Alana will no longer be there.


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