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My name is Autumn Salas and I am the youngest of eight children. All my life I wanted to be different. No matter what I did someone had done it first. I was always told I look like or I act like someone. Even worst at times I was told to act more like someone. When the whole 4400 thing came around my family thought they were freaks. Then the Promicin stuff came out. Mom and Dad had a family meeting and told all of us that if any of us took it we’d be disowned. That very night I went out and got a vile. I’ll be honest I hid it my room for about a week before I got brave enough to take it. For four days I was paranoid that every little ache meant that I was going to die. While doing some shopping at Pike’s Place Market I noticed that some people had this greenish glow to them. It came to me that the glow was the same color as the Promicim. That night watching the news when they were talking about original 4400s I saw they had a blueish glow to them. I did it, I’m now different. What’s even better is I can tell if people have an ability or not. I can even tell if they are a 4400 or Promicin positive. I can’t go to NTAC with this because I broke the law by taking Promicin. I wonder if there is any way to find Jordan Collier.

-- Julia F

City, State


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