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I knew from the beginning that promicin could change the world, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to take the 50/50 chance. But my mind was quickly changed one night during the night shift at the local hospital where I work. We had a young man in his 20's come in to the emergency room with a severe nose bleed. We tried everything to get it to stop without success. We couldn't figure out why this was happening so profusely. We ran every test under the sun to no avail. His blood count kept dropping so we gave him several blood transfusions. However, he was loosing more than we could put in at one time.

We admitted him to the hospital so we could figure out what was happening and to stop the bleed. We tried several procedures and kept giving him blood, but sadly nothing worked. He died later that night. He died without us ever knowing what happened. This was just a nose bleed, how can someone die from a nose bleed.

Well, that night I made a decision to take the shot. I thought if I was lucky I could get an ability that would help me in my efforts at the hospital. My wish came true a few days after injecting the shot.

I discovered that I could see inside people. Not literally, but I could see what was wrong with them. I could see cancer in its early stages or multiple sclerosis before it really did any damage. I could see the smallest ailment such as a muscle strain to horrible diseases like cancer. I could not heal those that I saw, but I could diagnose them and get them to the proper people who could start treatment. I swore that no one would die without knowing how or why again, at least at my ER when I am on duty.

I feel lucky to have taken the shot. I believe the 50/50 risk is worth it. Thank God and Jordan Collier for making promicin available to everyone. Promicin has made my job at the hospital more rewarding. I can and will save lives from this day forward thanks to promicin. Thank you once again.

-- Tyelynn H

City, State


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