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there are patterns everywhere. lives crossing. paths twisting. designs overlapping. and I would be able to see it all. (coherence in the chaos) a giant game of connect-the-dots. the world would still look like the world, but overlapping it all I would now see gossamer strands connecting lives like spiderwebs. I would see puzzle pieces and cogs and paths. individual designs melding into ever bigger pictures. I would be able to see this beautiful tapestery, but I would not be able to make sense of it. I would only be able to interpret my own patterns if I chose to focus on them. past a certain point I can't coherently interpret what I see by myself. I would be more of a conduit. a human tarot deck.

i could have someone focus on a particular area of their life that they are stressing about or confused about or anxious about. i'd touch my palm to theirs and be able to show them what I see. briefly give them the ability to see the connections and patterns that effect the situation in question.

since the connections and patterns of our lives are always shifting it would make sense that I could follow many particular paths stemming from any given point. I could focus on all possibilities. so theoretically I could develop my ability to the point where I could take it one step further. I could have someone focus on the patterns i've just shown them and to choose a particular course of action to take and then focus on that decision. then when I touched them they could follow the path (up to a point) that would unfold if they choose the course of action in question.

it seems only fair that I would not be able to interpret the patterns myself. I would only be able to interpret them to the extent that I am capable of now, in my natural, human, Promicin-free state.

looking at the patterns is always exhausting after a while. so it would follow that being aware of the shapes and designs on such a large or focused scale and then transmitting that to someone else with my mind would be terribly exhausting. obviously, the better able I am to control my ability the less exhausting it would become. still, it's not an ability I would use lightly.

sometimes people think they want to know what is really going on, think they want to see, but they really don't. and once you know something I don't think you can ever really un-know it. when you see all of the patterns you run the risk of seeing something you don't really want to see. but at the same time you could have the opportunity to briefly really see your life from all angles to do with as you will. I just think that would be really amazing.

i like the idea of having an ability that can also be a curse. it keeps the balance of things.

-- tiffany m

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