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Promicin has changed my life. My ability is very unique; I hold the capability of making any inanimate object appear by mere thought. I concentrate on the physical characteristics of the object I desire and suddenly it appears.

I have found a slight glitch in my ability, I have yet to make an object stay present for longer than the length of necessity. I can make a clock appear from thin air, but the second my eyes see the time it is gone, I have summoned a door that will vanish once I have pasted through it.

I must admit of all the things I have made appear, the door is my favorite, because I choose the destination. I discovered this just a few months ago, my mother fell ill and I needed to get to the hospital. I thought of a door with her on the other side of it, I walked through and there I was in the hospital looking at my mother. My mother has passed on since that visit, and I have noticed my ability getting stronger.

After my mother passed I was distraught, I had this ability, but couldn?t do thing to save her. I contemplated suicide and it was as if the thought hadn?t finished crossing my mind before I had a gun in my hand. The gun vanished the second I was consumed by an enormous sense of power. It was at that very moment I began honing my skill.

The things that have always seemed out of reach are now at my fingertips. I thought of the debt that has taken control my life and suddenly, sitting on the table, enough money to pay it off. As soon as I held the money it was gone, perhaps it only stayed long enough for me to truly understand my ability?s limits.

In the last two months I have been snorkeling in Hawaii, painted in Rome, danced in Paris, drank in Mexico, and gambled in Vegas. However more and more I am feeling like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Every night since losing at the blackjack table, a door keeps appearing. I fight the urge to go in, but I don?t know how long I can fight. Deep down inside I know it would wrong to go in, I get shaky, nervous, anxious, and yet some part of me still gets excited. I want to walk through it; I want to be alone in there at night when things are still and quiet.

I keep closing my eyes, I try to make it go away, but the smell of money leaks from the bank vault door. Promicin has changed my life, can NTAC stop me?

-- Casandra R

City, State


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