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I took that illegal drug Promicin the other night at a friends house. I know that it was wrong, but I desperately want to be different. I have a friend that's a 4400, he has the ability to walk through walls, he doesnt like to talk about his past much, but all I really know is that he disappeared in 1949.

Anyways, once he got a handle of his ability he would show off all the time, so I got jealous that he was different and I would never be, so I decided to take the shot. After I did I got a horrible burning pain in my hands...I stuck them in ice water to ease it up a little...I was trying to relax when I heard "Catch" being yelled my way in a desperate attempt to not get hit in the face, by the baseball my brother had just tossed my direction, I threw my hands up to cover my face and suddenly the ball exploded.

I was really freaked out and truthfully still am and it's been days since that happened. I am worried that I am going to blow someone up. I have been locked in my room for days with my hands wrapped in as many pillow cases as I could fit around them trying not to blow anything up, of course, I really dont have anything else left in my room to blow up, I have pretty much taken care of everything. I hope that I can gain control of this soon.

-- T\'omas J.

City, State


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