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Joey lived in a medium sized town in the mid-west where if you weren't looking for it one would more than likely never happen across it. Where he worked an average low pay, high stress 8 to 4 job where the only real perk was that he wasn't homeless at least yet. His life up till then had always been lacking any sort of real fulfillment.

A disassociated member of Generation X who felt he was a product of a vacant time, with no heart and no soul that would never give him what he truly desired. His relationships more of the hi and bye and uncomfortable fumbling of a man who had no idea who he really was or his place in the world. He went to work and home day after day, a somewhat mundane existence. Repetition was his friend as well as a cruel mistress who liked to tie him up and whip him from time to time. Reminding him who was really in charge and it certainly wasn't him.

Then one day a light shown threw into the abyss of his life. Jordan Collier the proclaimed messiah of the 4400 set the world straight and offered the best and worst gift mankind could have Promicin.. The chance at being greater than just a number but a chance at being a legend in ones own time. His life of bored desperation seemed it might have a chance to be something besides a dance with the ugly girl at the prom were he was always waiting for the grim reaper to cut in and give him the last dance he would have. He hadn't a clue as to were he might obtain Promicin only that he must find it and break the chains of his life. After an exhaustive searching on the internet he came across a IRC channel where they were recruiting people to take Promicin. At first he was leary of what sort of people he would encounter on his voyage to self exploration but he knew if he was to ever change who he was and what his life was that he had to take any risk to make it happen. He was all to well aware of the consequences if the drug decided to take him and not save him. He met the man who would lead him on his path in a lonely ally way behind a coffee shop in the poorer end of town. Jordan looked into his eyes and he felt as if he finally might have the chance he had always wished for. He handed him a syringe with Promicin and told him to insert the needle into his bicep and make sure that he used all of it. Without hesitation he grabbed the syringe and quickly thrust it into his right arm. The pain was brief until he had finished squeezing the rest of the Promicin into himself. A sharp twinge of pain as if lightning had hit him followed by the cold numbness of his extremities losing feeling starting from his feet and working its way upward until he lost consciousness. He awoke to see the same soft caring eyes he had seen deliver him from his madness. Jordan looked down at and said Joey I think everything will be alright now. The one thing that had kept Joey from going insane was his vivid imagination. He was a master of dreams and controlling them it was already something he had known he could do from a very young age. Suddenly a sharp pain pierced the left side his head so many images overwhelmed him. As if so many thoughts seemed to converge on him that his mind might just pop from the overload. He reached out for Jordan's hand to help him up from the make shift hospital cot he was in and something happened. He could see what dream Jordan had for the world and much to his amazement it really was a better place to live. Where the people who had been given this gift had changed the oh so flawed things that hold this world back. We were no longer the undeserving bastards who plundered our own paradise but worth beings of respect and compassion.

He contemplated over what this ability might mean but thought maybe now that he might have found a way to bridge the gap that he so desperately felt between himself and the world. He thanked Jordan and made his way to the door where he softly brushed up next to an attractive petite brunette woman wearing a sweater and jeans. Then he saw what was in her mind. It was him and her hand in hand walking through a park as if the world around them had just stood still. He then extended his hand to introduce himself. Her tiny hand in his felt as if it were a glove that fit so well it had been made just for him. His smile was so big and bright he felt as if he had found new muscles in his face that had never been there before. She smiled and looked him in the eye and kiddingly said so your the man of my dreams where have you been. He said I had been asleep a long time and only now have woke. I think my life might have changed tonight. She smiled and giggled and said my name is Destiny. A reminder to everyone that until one dreams you may never find what you have always been looking for.

-- Joey G.

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