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I would look at that shot of neon green liquid for days. Part of me would have to hold back the impulse created by curiosity. I pondered thousands of abilities I could gain. But then another side of me would want to trickle every bit down a drain. Sure my life wasn't perfect, but was it worth risking? I could make so much of a difference to the world just as I was. I knew my passion, experience, and determination could save millions of lives and make the world a better place. Was it worth the risk? I mean sure I've been miserable here and there, but taking a 50/50 chance between a whole new life i have to figure out how to live (just when I'm starting to get the hang of this one) or death?

However, one particularly horrible night I decided my life wasn't worth living as it was and before I could talk myself out of it I jammed the shot into my skin. It felt like my brain was rearranging itself and I felt things that I couldn't even describe because that part of my brain had never been used before. Soon enough I was back to where I was.

As the days passed by I started to figure it out. My ability was infinite knowledge. I could change it. If i wanted to make my friend's suicidal thoughts vanish forever I knew how to. If I wanted to perform a complicated surgery I could. I had knowledge wherever I needed it. And the ability to fix anything.... except my own life. This is the incredible part of my ability. I could still function normally in my personal life because I oculdn't abuse my ability. I could only use it to help others. It teaches me selflessness and to accept who I am without envy towards others.

-- Linds C

City, State


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