Lisa S.

My name is Lisa and I would make a great candidate for the honor of Fan of the Week.  I have been a HUGE fan of "The 4400" since its inception and I have had the pleasure of interviewing a majority of the cast members from the show.  I run my own online magazine, Starry Constellation Magazine, and I've been able to speak with the cast and get an inside view at the show through the actors.

I think the writing is incredible and the storylines are unique and creative.  The cast is tremendously talented and they have such chemistry together.  I look forward weekly to getting a chance to see my favorite show and get a glimpse into the dynamic characters lives.  I can never predict what is going to happen on the show weekly and I wouldn't want to be able to.  That's what makes the show so entertaining, you never know what's going to happen to this special group of people. 
One of my favorite characters from the show is Marco, who I think should have much better storylines.  I enjoyed his short lived romance with Diana, but feel it was just that, short lived.  Marco is funny and genuine and I think is an intricate part of NTAC that is used a lot, but not given enough attention to.  He is intelligent and there to relay information, but he also deserves a lot more focus.  He brings so much to the table on the show and I think that there should be a lot more focus on him as he does so much for NTAC.
Another character I really enjoy is Diana, she is compassionate and dedicated.  Jacqueline McKenzie always gives an amazingly powerful performance and I get drawn into her world of Diana more and more each episode.  She and her partner Tom make a wonderful team and you can tell the trust and care each one has for the other.  It's phenomenal to see that kind of relationship and bond that they have and I wish more people had that with their coworkers.  We spend so many hours with one another at work and we develop a love/hate relationship with our coworkers.  If we all had that kind of working, and personal, relationship that Diana and Tom have we'd have a much happier work environment.
If I had a 4400 ability I would love to be able to be able to instill confidence in people.  There are so many people who are shy and overlooked because they lack confidence.  I'd like to make them realize what kind of a great person they are so that they can know anything that they want in life is possible.  So many people are afraid of taking risks and life is about risk.  You only get one life and if everyone lives in fear of something, they will never overcome that fear.  I'd like to be able to give everyone confidence in themselves to be able to take on whatever challenge they face so that they can overcome it by using what they already have inside.  This way there would be no obstacles that people could not overcome.

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