Like last month's 4400 Fan of the Month, Guy is also a member of the site. He has two stories to share about his obsession with the show. Here is his entry:


Hello my name is Guy, and I am a huge fan of the 4400.  I have applied in the past for Fan of the Week, but have never won, and thought that there was some major conspiracy preventing me from winning the prize that should be mine. Mwhahaha.  No, I am not that conceited. I made entries every week and never got it, so when the season ended I thought my dreams would not come true.

But then my friend Riley (Sarah, AWD) won last week and re-ignited my ferver for winning the title.  I am also at the, and Alli and Riley do a great job running the site.  I am one of the top posters there and do a lot of theorizing with my other buddies Ranadiel and Keenir. It was a celebration for everyone at the site when Amy Berg mentioned us in her production blog. We were so excited for ourselves. 

I began watching in the second season after watching the season one episodes on DVD. I was in the Army and could not watch TV, let alone know that the greatest Emmy-nominated show was on USA.

I have two pretty funny stories about the show however, both involving ignoring roommates while it was on.  The first is very simple: during the show one of my roommates knocked on my door and asked me if I could help with something.  I said bluntly "NO" slammed my door, felt offended that he dare interrupt the best show on television, and continued to watch the show.

The second story is similar, but much more interesting. One of my roommates starts screaming bloody murder during one episode of the 4400.  I, being an EMT, thought that maybe I should see what is going on, but decided against it to watch the show.  She continues to call my name in some very loud shouting voice, so I assumed she was still alive, and would be until the end of the show. When the show was finished I exited my room to see what was the matter, and lo and behold a bat was flying back and forth across the room.  I proceeded to catch the bat and let it outside, and she stopped screaming.

If I had an ability it would definitely be to control hormones.  It wold be awesome to be able to make people do my will by making them want to do my will. Or I could make people fall asleep, faint, die, be ecstatically happy, make their heart race, or almost anything that I wanted them to do.  It would be awesome.

Just so I don't forget, shout out to Leob (Kristen), Ketchup (Kristy), Cinder (Nikki) and anyone else I forgot to mention.

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