AUGUST 27, 2006

by Amy Berg

"Tell them thank you. Tell them we hope they all enjoyed it, and that we promise to keep it up next year." Ira Steven Behr

Before he left for a well-deserved vacation with his family, I asked The Man if there was anything he wanted to say to the fans for the blog this week. This is all I could squeeze out of him before he boarded the plane, but it was enough.

As you know, last week we were officially renewed for a fourth season. On behalf of Ira and the rest of the creative team, I'd like to thank all the fans. I'd like to thank you for your loyalty and passion, and for your faith in us and what we do. You guys are the reason we were renewed, we literally couldn't have done it without you. So thanks for tuning in. We really appreciate it. Seriously.

With this in mind, I've decided to troll the message boards and fansites out there for material for the blog this week. Unfortunately I'm too busy writing and spinning stories to do this during the season, but now that we're wrapped I don't have any excuses. So this week I just dove right in. Obviously I can't possibly address every comment and question you've generated over the last few months (you guys are freakin' prolific, I love it!!), but maybe I can make a tiny little dent. Keep in mind that I have no intention of ruining anything for next season, so I'll be treading very carefully here.

I know you guys have questions and perhaps a few concerns after watching the season finale last night. So I guess I'll start there.

Okay, I see some of you are afraid that Diana and Maia are gone for good. If you're one of those people, you'll want to refer to Alana and Maia's exchange as they walk to the car at the end of the episode. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Yes, Alana was snatched up in a ball of light. And no, I'm not going there. But I will say that DancingTiger and LoveThe4400 have some very interesting theories.

I share an intense love of Kevin Burkoff (Jeffrey Combs) with his biggest fans, 44Miles4Quark and Lily_Lemony. So I'm as happy as you guys that we didn't kill him off. I'm also happy to say, the idea was never even on the table.

I'm loving the debate between Cubex, philo4400, Jcor66, and rockingmule about the nature of Isabelle's character. All your arguments have merit, so I'm not taking sides. And if you guys know anything about us by now, you know how much we love blurring the line between good and evil.

I want to echo rapierguy's take on the finale. He's right on the mark. We had a feeling we were going to be renewed for a fourth season, but we didn't know for sure. We wanted an ending that would be satisfying in case the unthinkable happened.

A lot of you are wondering who Will (the homeless dude) was offering the shot to at the end. Was it an unseen character or was it the audience? For the answer, consult slp24.

I see that the poll aznwolfstein created is now 55% to 45% in favor of NOT taking promicin. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I think that statistic is incredibly fascinating.

States37 asked why the shot didn't kill Isabelle. In his response, zipity hit the nail on the head. The note Tom was given said KILL ISABELLE. It didn't say THIS SHOT WILL KILL ISABELLE. He was given a means to an end, and it was up to him to finish the job. Guess you'll just have to wait and see what repercussions his decision will have. Or did we already see them? Hmm.

I'm just going to repost Faerie7's comment after watching the finale. Why? Because I think it's awesome. Here it is: "That episode was so ridiculously fantastic, brilliant, intense and mind blowing I can't even talk about it yet." Reading that put a huge smile on my face, so I just want to say thanks for making my day.

Okay, moving away from the finale a little, here's a few other observations:

You guys are crazy for anagrams. I love it!! The last two or three have been really difficult, I can't believe you figured them out. Good luck with the final one. I wish I could give you a clue, but I actually don't know what the answer is.

I'd like to give props to cujoy, aliza, abductedwhiledriving, r2roswell, ranadiel, leob, and the rest of the gang over at 4400 Abductees. They've got a message board going that's not as big as the one we have here, but they're just as rabid in their devotion to the show. Same goes for everyone over at LiveJournal. Thanks, guys!!

And finally ... several of you have asked whether we indeed know where we're going with the series arc or if we're just making it up as we go along. You should watch this week's video excerpt and get the answer straight from Ira and Craig. The short of it is this ... yes, we know where we want to go with the show. But the fact is, there are always going to be things you can't plan for that get in the way of that. Whether that means losing an actor to a sailing ship or contract negotiations, or creating new characters that catch on and you want to explore further, there will always be tweaks that need to be made. But keep this in mind ... even though we may make stops at different ports than we intended along the way, our destination remains the same. We just hope you guys enjoy the ride.

Alright everyone, that's about all I've got time for this week. So I'm going to put a lid on the blog for the season. I know it's a long wait until next year, but please stick with us. I promise it'll be worth it.

Thanks for watching!!

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