SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

The crisis is over. After all the deaths, including members of my own family, we as a movement find ourselves on new and uncharted land. We promised the world salvation. What we have is a revision of the world that once was. Seattle was consumed in a terrible catastrophe, and for those lost, I remain in mourning. But that nightmare has ended, and we find ourselves awakened to a new dawn. Promise City.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that this new territory was founded by the survivors. Not a government, not an emperor, not even Jordan Collier. Those who live here now do so by their own choice. They chose to stay behind to help create a new society. To expand the once miniscule territory of Promise City and turn it into something bigger and better. Despite the loss of life and loved ones, so far no one has petitioned Jordan for the removal of their new abilities. They have embraced their fate and become pioneers for a new age.

The majority of people within city limits are now promicin-positive, and already there is an obvious improvement in the quality of life. As we go forward as a community, we will help one another rather than compete with each other. We will clean our environment instead of polluting it. We will live as one tribe, with each member having a vital and unique ability, an essential component to the whole.

But as I celebrate this new society, it is with great sadness that I also recall who we lost. Who I lost. My aunt Susan. My cousin Danny. And Isabelle.

From the beginning, Cassie predicted that Isabelle would be essential to our cause. But no one ever really saw her as what she could be, only what she once was. And both Jordan and I were foolish to think of Isabelle as someone on the margins of our conflict. Somehow, even after she was taken and influenced by our enemies, even after stealing Jordan away and returning to Promise City with the intention of assassinating me, after all that, something within her allowed her to make a choice for what is right, to stand up to her manipulators and, ultimately, to die stopping them.

I am haunted by her sacrifice. This woman, created to be our enemy, chose to stand with us at our time of greatest need. How could such redemption be labeled anything less than miraculous?

Even in death, Isabelle continues to give me hope. And her sacrifice has left me speculating about the further mysteries of promicin. We know, for example, that promicin activates certain neurotransmitters in the brain, granting us abilities that we can use to affect the outside world. But could it be that promicin does something to our inner state as well? Does it untap some kind of instinctual wisdom vital to our evolutionary growth? While our abilities will eventually end hunger, eradicate pollution, and make obsolete the horrors of modern warfare, perhaps promicin itself will create a platform by which we might eliminate conflict all together. What if altruism were to become the norm? Imagine a world where people turn their efforts away from greed and violence and instead seek out new ways of bettering our existence. Is that what the future has in store for us? Is that what the book means when it talks of Heaven on Earth?

I believe it is. And so I go forth, inspired by Isabelle's change of heart and looking forward to that of another my father. He has a decision to make. And because of everything he's been through, everything he's seen and heard and done, I have faith that he will make the right one. And I will be there to help guide him when he does.

Four years ago, 4400 missing people returned to us with a mission. Today, I stand with them, living within the fruit of their work, within their land, Promise City. I don't know what will happen next, but I look forward to the journey that awaits us.


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