AUGUST 12, 2007

I didn't think it was possible, but something's happened to make me second guess my role in the movement. While I once followed Jordan's orders without question, I just couldn't do it this time. And so I disobeyed him. A man I trust and respect. But I didn't have any choice.

It began with Isabelle's abduction by her estranged father. Though I'm convinced of Isabelle's importance to our cause, Jordan's past experience with her has clouded his judgment. He claims his reluctance to pursue her is to prevent diverting important resources to a cause he considers fruitless. But I know it's more than that. He felt shunned by Richard. And he's never really trusted Isabelle. In his mind, he thinks we're better off without them. But I know Isabelle is important. Cassie told me that much. But more than that, I believe that she is. I can feel it in my gut. She belongs here with us. Cassie says that even a leader of Jordan's caliber is capable of making a tactical error, and that it's my job to account for such lapses in judgment. And so, for the first time since it's creation I left Promise City.

With Cassie to guide me, it wasn't hard to track Isabelle. The trouble came when I found her. Richard used some 4400's ability to revert her back to childhood. She couldn't have been any more than eight or nine years old, and she had only a vague memory of who she once was. There was no reasoning with Richard. He used his ability to keep me at bay. When NTAC arrived, even my father and his partner were helpless to stop him. As I listened to Richard fighting the agents outside, I felt trapped. I couldn't move. It was like a disturbance in the air, a wave of atmospheric pressure forcing us against the walls. He overpowered all of us so swiftly, so easily. And then he and Isabelle were gone. I was left stunned, incapacitated, and surrounded by government agents.

And then, something amazing happened. My father grabbed me and pulled me outside. I expected him to handcuff me, but he didn't. He didn't ask any questions. He didn't offer any advice. He just hugged me, and let me go.

And now I'm back in Promise City, in my room, thinking. I have to come up with a plan to help Isabelle. I still have faith that she is essential to our cause and it's weird to admit I miss her. But I know I can't turn to Jordan for help. He has enough on his plate, and little sympathy for Isabelle. So I find myself oddly alone, on opposite sides of an issue with Jordan. I'm also beholden to my father. And I can't help but wonder: was this the beginning of a change in him? Is he more willing to accept me and what I believe in? Perhaps that "game" we all played had more lasting effects than I imagined.

But I can't think about that now. I have to find Isabelle. Her father thinks she belongs with him, but I know that's not true. Not anymore. She belongs here in Promise City, and I have find a way to bring her home.


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