JUNE 28, 2007


I know it's been a while since I've blogged, and I'm sorry about that, but things have been a little hectic around here. School, work, moving into my own apartment, and now a new career to think about. I am slowly, SLOWLY, moving my way towards working with Rodney full time. And I'm only a few credits away from my degree. Finally. But until then, life goes on at the Colony.

Lily Bratslafsky and her current boy toy finished moving in last week. And by current boy toy, I mean Husband. Seriously, even Liz Taylor is saying "Whoa...girl...take it easy." I heard her arguing with her estate attorney (she only uses the speaker phone option on her cell so that she doesn't mess up her hair). She was going over what is apparently draft "L" of her will. I would hate to hear to what drafts A through K read like, because this one was cruel and unusual. I hope her new husband has his own investments to fall back on, because she's not leaving him a dime.

I guess that's her way of making sure he loves her for who she is and not what she's got in the bank. So sad to always have that thought in the back of your head when you're lying next to the person you've vowed to honor and cherish for the rest of your life. Of course, she's barely older then me, and onto her 5th husband and she hasn't loved any of them until death do they part so I wouldn't be surprised if she had taken those "antiquated" vows out of the last few ceremonies. I wonder if I'm behind in the game because I've never been close to getting married...or ahead of the game because I've never had to get divorced. It's a tough call. Of course I want to be loved, who doesn't? But ever since I've gotten to know Molly, Cricket, and Joan - I've learned that love is hard work. It doesn't come easy.

This morning I had to pull rank on some paparazzi that had snuck in and were going through Jenny Valenti's garbage cans. Seems a waste of time considering her descent to the bottom has been so well documented in the media it led the evening news last night! (Over war and famine and a dwindling economy, her meltdown leads the news. Now...can someone explain that to me?) Everyone knows she's been in rehab at the local rich and wasted recovery center since Tuesday. Things just can't seem to get any worse for her: broken marriage, broken toe, broken dreams. Maybe if I had taken the time to ask her who/how/what/why?, I could have helped her get her life back on track.

It's hard not to look at her life and think, how did this happen? She was so pretty and affable when she first earned her fame. She must have just surrounded herself with the wrong kinds of people. I'm lucky that way I guess: I've had the opportunity to join up with the wrong kinds of people, but decided to go my own way instead...until I met up with the right kinds of people. So I can't act, I can't sing, and I've got two left feet but I've used my smarts and built a life for myself that I can proud of.

All this introspection - I'm beginning to wonder if I should have tried for a Masters in Psychology instead. Well, I have to sign off. Molly is giving a reading at the new children's book store in Venice. She dedicated the book to her friends me included, if you can believe that.

Things are going really great for her, although I admit I miss the melodrama. It was really exciting around here for awhile. Especially that time when...okay, I'm cutting myself off. I have to go kick someone driving a lime green Ferrari out of Mr. Fontana's parking space. Why on earth would someone pay that kind of money to drive a lime green anything? It seems to me the richer the person...the worse the taste. Once I've paid off my student loans and saved up enough for my Ferrari I'm sticking with basic black. That's class.

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