Executive Producers/Screenwriters Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott respond to your questions in this exclusive Q&A session on Season 1 of The Starter Wife:

Why the recast of Kenny? David seems like such a different type than Peter, what were your thoughts on casting?

We loved Peter Jacobson and were crushed that he had the talent and good fortune to get a steady gig on "House" before our miniseries was picked up to be a series. There was no way Peter could do both shows, because Kenny Kagan is a major character in our show, and by the same token we couldn't eliminate the role.

Replacing Peter was the hardest bit of casting we were faced with. Kenny is a tough part to play well. We call him our cheerful sociopath. He needs to be funny and hateful and charming and sympathetic and we have to believe Molly married him for love, not for money.

We auditioned dozens of actors, and simply picked the best actor for the part. We loved David Alan Basche's approach to the role. As far as the concern that David is more conventionally handsome, well, he shouldn't be penalized for that, should he? And perhaps we can have a little fun with a future attraction between him and Debra...

Where are Cricket and Lavender?

Miranda Otto, who played Cricket, was also starring in another series, "Cashmere Mafia," when our show was picked up. Cricket was a character that we felt we did not have to recast if we couldn't get Miranda, and we hoped that perhaps in future seasons Miranda might be available to come back in her role.

As for our not explaining where Cricket went, that was a mistake we now believe. At the time we thought that there wasn't much of an explanation for not being in touch with one of your best friends. We figured she was in another country on location with her director husband, but even so, Molly would be on the phone all the time, and that would be awkward and unsatisfying not to be able to hear her voice or see her.

As for Lavendar, we wanted the group of best friends to be no more than four people. And with Cricket gone, we wanted to replace her with another mom at the same school, who represents the life Molly left behind. Which is why we created Liz Marsh, a woman very much in the "in crowd" at Starting Gate, and in the glamorous world of pro baseball.

How many episodes does Judy Davis appear in?

Judy appears in 8 out of 10 episodes (we count the premiere as two episodes). She had a personal obligation back in Australia, where she lives, which took her away for a couple weeks. She doesn't appear in Episode No. 7 or No. 8, but is back in a big big way for the last two episodes!

Why is Joe only in 3 episodes?

Joe Montegna is now starring in "Criminal Minds," and we were incredibly lucky and thrilled that he agreed to do three guest-starring stints for us. Unlike the role of Kenny, Lou Manahan is a character who can come and go in the show, so recasting the part was never a consideration. We adore Joe; everyone in the cast does, and so did the audience of our miniseries. He appears in Episode No. 5, No. 7, and No. 10.

What happened to Sam?

One of the decisions we had to make when the miniseries became a series was to undo the Happily Ever After ending of the mini. Obviously, we weren't going to get enough mileage out of Molly being in a healthy, happy, monogamous relationship for the rest of her life. And since our Sam, Stephen Moyer, had also committed to another show ("True Blood" on HBO) the choice was made to hit the ground running that Molly and Sam had already broken up and that she is swearing off men.

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