OK, so the good people at USA Network asked me to write a blog. I've been avoiding blogging since the phenomenon started a few years ago I think of my novels as being enormously overwritten blogs.

But here goes ... as it happens, I'm so excited about the subject of my blog - USA's The Starter Wife television series. Or as I like to refer to it: Event That Will Change Your Life (with no calories!)

A few years ago, I embarked on writing The Starter Wife, my third novel, in the middle of my second breast-feeding tour (I knew I could get my breasts in here! Ha!) Sleep-deprivation, dirty diapers, mounting angst about global warming (and what in God's name was I thinking bringing another baby into this world); none of these terrors could keep me from getting the story of Gracie Pollock down on paper. Well, not paper. Computer screen. Let's not quibble.


This is the story of a human being who is pushed out of her comfortable world. Doors that opened are now closed. Smiles are dropped, replaced by sneers. Credit cards are cancelled, invitations withdrawn. Our fair heroine goes from Hollywood royalty to "How do you like your eggs?" in a matter of cell phone minutes.

The drop is steep, but this girl can weather the fall in stilettos and age-appropriate miniskirt, if need be.

What Gracie discovers in the process, in the fall, is herself. Who she is without all the "stuff" she thought she needed. Who is she without the gardeners, nannies, parties, private jets, jewelry, cars, shopping bags ... my God, who is she without valet parking?

What we find out, in the book, and in the series, is that she had let herself go. Not physically she is a fine specimen, a stellar example of what all the right doctors, masseuses, trainers, pilates instructors, yoga gurus, manicurists, facialists, hair stylists can bring to the picture of what passes for perfection in Southern California.

No, Gracie had let her "self" go her sense of who she was, without all the pretty baggage.

As in life, what looks like the worst thing to ever happen to her, turns out to be exactly what she needed.

OK, fast forward, because I'm getting wordy time's a wastin', we all have things to do, I know, I know...

Let's condense, shall we?

  1. I wrote the book.
  2. It was published.
  3. USA Network, in their infinite wisdom, bought the rights to The Starter Wife.
  4. We hire an incredible writing/producing team Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott. They are funny and look hot in jeans. This is not as easy as it sounds, and I don't suggest you try this at home. Unless there's a daiquiri involved. And if you can make a daiquiri, call me.
  5. Debra Messing signs on to play Gracie Pollock (renamed "Molly Kagan" in the series.) Debra Messing! Have you seen her on "Will and Grace"? Of course you have! This woman can do anything she's funny, she's warm, she's your friend, she's beautiful, she's tall and has excellent, excellent hair...
  6. I cry tears of joy. Without running my Clinique mascara, because it's so fab.
  7. My good friend, who also happens to be a top-notch director and producer Jon Avnet ("Fried Green Tomatoes", people that's all I need to say) signs on to direct and produce. Jon also looks good in jeans.
  8. I pinch myself repeatedly. Yes, I am awake. And yes, sometimes things do go well, even in Hollywood.
  9. No, wait, it gets better. Pond's sponsors The Starter Wife and suddenly I get a basket of free skincare goodies their new line of age-defying moisturizers and sunscreens are sensational. I'm 44 years old and I look like an infant, only taller!

Speaking of infants, that kid I breast-fed (I said it again!) is now 3 1/2 and playing in a soccer league. And talking back to his mother. Time flies when you're writing...

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