Welcome to Psych Slumber Party Central!

The greatest television event eyeparts have ever experienced occurred on Friday, February 15th.

For six glorious hours in the wee hours of the morning, Psych fans watched seven back-to-back episodes and never-before-seen original content, shared their love for Psych online and on air, entered online for a chance to win a trip to the set, and basically slumber partied like rockstars.

It was an evening of unadulterated awesomeness. To get a taste of the fun (or to reminisce about your epic all-nighter), click around to check out some planning tips, fan messages and other reminders of the now-legendary Slumber Party.

And to all the fans who partied with us, we salute you. Thanks for sacrificing a few hours of sleep, making the first ever Psych Slumber Party a huge success, and being such magnificent Psych-Os.

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