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MARCH 6, 2007


Former Nashville Star Judge and Consulting Producer Tracy Gershon still keeps a close eye on the show and will be checking in each week with her opinions of the finalists. Considering that she signed Miranda Lambert at Sony and will be molding our next Nashville Star as Vice President of A&R at Warner Brothers Records ... ya'll might want to listen up!

I am so happy to be a part of Nashville Star again. I must say that I was always partial to Season 1 and 2 because I was so proud of the great talent that emerged from those two years, namely Buddy Jewel, Miranda Lambert and Lance Miller. But after spending the last few days in the studio with Angela Hacker, I feel the same sense of pride and excitement.

Yes, I am happy to announce we have been working on Angela's debut record for Warner Bros. It will include five songs that she performed on the show, 1 new cover, and 4 of her originals. Don't worry ... Zac Hacker definitley makes his presence known ... and your beloved Nashville Star band are responsible for some smoking tracks!!

The record will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart and will be in stores April 3rd. (You heard right: April 3rd!!!) Get them while you can as this will be a limited edition. And remember there is no dress code when you go to Wal-Mart! I have spent a lot of time with Angela these past few days. Not only is she a truly gifted vocalist, but she is a down to earth, sincere, warm and caring person. I have enjoyed getting to know Angela and her brother Zac, and I predict a great future for them both.

I really think America got it right!

For those of you who had a favorite that did not win the title, remember there are many ways you can still show your support. Stay active on the message board and especially on the MySpace pages, and if any of the contestants have their own CD's available, make sure to buy one and tell a friend.

I hope that all of the final contestants do not get discouraged because they did not win the title. There are many ways to live your dream of making music without a major record deal. Whether you are playing music in front of thousands of people or at your local church, you are still sharing the gift of music ... and that is a priceless gift. Well, I have to get back to making music with Angela ... thanks to all those loyal NS fans ... don't forget to check out the final 4 on tour ... they should be coming to a town near you this summer...


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