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FEBRUARY 15, 2007


Former Nashville Star Judge and Consulting Producer Tracy Gershon still keeps a close eye on the show and will be checking in each week with her opinions of the finalists. Considering that she signed Miranda Lambert at Sony and will be molding our next Nashville Star as Vice President of A&R at Warner Brothers Records ... ya'll might want to listen up!

Well, that's what I would have liked to submit. WHAT HAPPENED? Did all of the contestants wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Did someone brew decaf coffee instead of turbo strength? Perhaps it was bad chicken eaten at catering? Across the board, everybody’s game was down ... some more than others.

Whitney Duncan:
Luck has a lot to do with succeeding in this business. It was unfortunate and unlucky that you were unable to perform "When a Man Loves A Woman" in an earlier episode. It was one of your better performances. Your pitch was better and we could understand every word. It was a good song choice and a good performance but, as predicted, a little too late.

At least you went out on a high note, and there is no doubt we will be hearing more from you ... Good Luck!

Zac Hacker:
I think you did had such an amazing performance last week, that the expectations are really high for you now. You actually sang "Stranger in My House" really well ... it just was not a song that enabled you to really build on last week's performance. It was, however, the strongest showing of the night.

David St. Romain:
I would think that with the sentiment that is attached to the song "one" (It being you and your wife's "song") that you would have had one hell of an emotional and believable delivery. Instead, that performance was lackluster, and you brought no life to that song. It's time for you to really dig deep and figure out a way to get some real emotion out of your next couple of performances.

Joshua Stevens:
I personally think it was a brave move on your part to try something new. It's hard to sing while running down the aisle, manage a microphone and shake hands at the same time. It did affect your breathing and vocals at first, but you came back. You had fun with the song ... it did not break any new ground, but did not hurt you either.

Angela Hacker:
It's hard to be "The perfect child" because the expectations are always so high. When those expectations are that high, the fall is harder. Although I appreciate you wanting to have fun, there are a thousand better song choices than "If You're Not in it For Love."

The rule to having fun with a song is that your audience has to share in that fun ... and that just did not happen. You have always been the one who consistently chooses great material for yourself. You have given us a pretty clear picture as to who you are. Tonight's song choice did not fit into that picture. You have elements of Lacy J. Dalton, Tanya Tucker, Bonnie Raitt, Patty Loveless ... stick with what has been working best for you!!! I promise you can find fun in there too!!

It's time for Zac, Anglea, Joshua and David to really step it up - their next performance could possibly change their life. If that's not enough to bring you're "A" game, then I don't know what will. They all need to dig deep, and look back on what has worked for them.

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