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FEBRUARY 8, 2007


Former Nashville Star Judge and Consulting Producer Tracy Gershon still keeps a close eye on the show and will be checking in each week with her opinions of the finalists. Considering that she signed Miranda Lambert at Sony and will be molding our next Nashville Star as Vice President of A&R at Warner Brothers Records ... ya'll might want to listen up!

I've heard songwriters compare singing their songs to standing butt-naked in front of strangers. I don't think any of us realize how hard it is to bare one's soul in a song, let alone doing it on national television.

Kudos are in order for all of the contestants. It's a lot easier to hide behind the words of others, and some of you let us in on some pretty personal stuff. Overall, you all did a great job.

Whitney Duncan - "Skinny Dippin'"
Your song had that groove that suits you, although it was a bit light, lyrically. I always like to watch you perform and especially when you strap on the guitar! It's girl rocker chick meets Tennessee beauty queen. Your enunciation was much better but you still have to work on that. It's a hard habit to break, but worth doing the work.

You really do have something, it's the past pitch problems that has had America place you in the bottom and in this competition, one bad performance is all it takes to go home.

David St. Romain - "That's Where I Want To Be"
Sometimes I think you are so close, yet so far. As I said last week, your performance is always strong and consistent. You sing on pitch for the most part, you have a nice quality to your voice and you're really likeable. So what's the problem?

I think the original song sums it up. Nothing wrong with it, it's good, but not great. Overall, it was just a pretty generic song. We've all heard it before, and much like your artistry, there is nothing to separate you from the hundreds of other good looking, good vocalists, and nice guys all wanting to be stars.

Perhaps it's from performing covers for so long. While that certainly has built up your chops, it has not given you a chance to find a direction. I'm not saying it can't be done, I just have not seen it yet.

Joshua Stevens - "Wish I Missed You"
This was a well written song, simple and to the point. It gave us insight into who you are, and helps define you as an artist. You made a brave choice and did not opt for the lighter more commercial song. You are still struggling to hit some notes. I know you are capable and wonder if nerves are still getting the best of you.

Zac Hacker - "If It Wasn't For The Whiskey"
Talk about coming back with a vengeance. No doubt whose show it was tonight. It really shows how a song that suits an artist can make all the difference in the world. What can I say except you owned it! You had the audience and viewers in the palm of your hand. Hopefully the rest of your song choices will do for you what this one did. I think this performance and song put you on the heels of your sister.

Angela Hacker - "Total Loss"
America has you out in front, and for good reason. You wrote a great song that you sang with a passion that brought meaning to every word. I believe you have been in the situation you are singing about. When you hurt, we hurt with you. When you are happy, we are right there as well.

Since the first day when you were told you did not look good enough to go to Wal-mart, you instantly became the underdog, the girl with something to prove. And you did it! You proved yourself every week, with a down to earth quality that has endeared everyone to you. I believe I had better start thinking about making Warner Bros. a home for you.

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