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MARCH 6, 2007


It is time to say goodbye. What a great Nashville Star season! There were plenty of low points and highlights but never a dull moment. I must state that America got it right; the three best singers were still standing in the end. I have three wishes for our talented "winners":

Angela: Find the right producer! Whether it's John Shanks, Frank Liddell, Blake Chancey, Wayne Kirkpatrick or Bill Bottrell ... after she meets with plenty of producers she'll know who the right one is. What's key for Angela is finding the experienced producer who has the ability to capture her voice and find the right songs ... songs that only Angela should record. Congratulations girlfriend!

Zac: I wouldn't be surprised if Warner Brothers tried to scoop him up too! If not WB, some label will sign Zac within the next few months I'm sure. I hope he doesn't forget what he learned while on the show. America backed up what the judges expressed. They voted for him to perform his original song ... the night he proved that he deserved to leave the honkytonks behind and take it to the next level. I hope he will avoid the ditties and become the soul singer we now know and love. His last few performances blew my mind and I really am proud that Nashville Star helped make it happen.

DSR: What a voice! The rest is up to him. I have watched many Nashville Star contestants who didn't win "the crown" just wait for someone or something come to them. I hope David moves quickly in making something happen for himself while still riding the Nashville Star wave. What David needs to do now is find at least three powerful songs to demo and immediately begin to shop them to the labels around town. America spoke and they loved "Wave on Wave," so this is an important cue when searching for the right songs. Good luck my friend.

I loved this season, love my new co-judges, and truly wish huge success for all of our artists who were brave enough to put themselves out there.



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