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FEBRUARY 15, 2007


All three judges were doing a lot of head scratching this week - we were utterly confused by many of the choices made by our artists. It seemed like they forgot that they were trying to win a competition. Allow me to explain.

Angela: I regret that I must write this, but she made the worst decision of the bunch. Singing a Shania Twain song was veering so far off her path that it's almost difficult to discuss. While it was apparent that she was trying to display some kind of sexuality, I feel she was actually much more sexy when she performed her Patty Loveless tune or her own song.

I bet that if she were honest with herself, she didn't feel 100% comfortable singing that song and "working" the camera like she did this week. All I have to say is this: Angela needs to resume doing her music her way and fast! I WANT ANGELA BACK!

Zac: While he didn't make a terrible song choice and he did perform well, he stayed in the safe lane, leveled out and didn't continue his forward momentum. I wonder if singing that raw and honest song about his dad pushed him out of his comfort zone, so he resists it ... but that's where he resonates! If Zac has to fight to sing another one of his own songs or needs to search for one that rings true to his life, so be it, because that's the only way he'll win Nashville Star.

David: I actually like that Gary Allan song ... it just didn't showcase his strength, which is his rich, baritone voice. He struggled with pitch problems and didn't quite make the impact he needed to at this stage of the game. When searching for suggestions for David to reoccupy the lead position, I think of Casey Rivers last year; the show when he sang that gospel song, his voice filled up the theater and TV land so much so that America backed him up with votes. This week, I really hope David sings a song that allows him and his voice to soar.

Joshua: What can I say, I am not buying what's he's selling. His "crowd storm" came off as a light drizzle and he still didn't convince me that he deserves a million-dollar record deal. He expressed frustration in his video clip by the fact that I don't believe he has the "it factor" and conveyed confusion by it. Well, guess what? Every person who doesn't have "it" and therefore doesn't make it to the next level feels the same confusion.

I wonder if songwriting is really what God has in store for Joshua, more so than selling millions of records and filling up arenas as an entertainer. I hope I'm wrong if this is the only thing that will make him truly fulfilled.

Whitney: While I'm not surprised by the voting outcome, Whitney, herself, would probably admit she didn't thrive while on Nashville Star. Yet I still see a diamond in the rough when I watch her perform. She is the perfect example of why A&R departments exist at record labels. All she needs is some direction, the right songs and a few more live shows under her belt and I do believe she can connect.

I send my congratulations to Whitney for competing with class and not just attending the dance but dancing. That's half the battle with everything in life: just showing up!


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