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FEBRUARY 8, 2007


Randy, Blake and I were in heaven this week because most of our contestants made us (and Nashville) proud. They revealed why Nashville Star is different from all other music contests. The rawness, songwriting ability, musical talent and sincerity I witnessed in this episode impacted me deeply, which means I bet it resonated with America as well.

Angela: I hope her original song, "Total Loss," makes it on her record. As you can tell, I'm betting Angela is going to be our fifth Nashville Star. The song, the performance, everything about her moment on stage, moved me. I believe she knows who she is as an artist, has a complete grasp of her music and is fine-tuning her image on live television (which is moving in the right direction, by the way.)

Actually, Angela could be our modern day Lacy J. Dalton, which would make radio a more beautiful place to live (she might even want to consider cutting "Black Coffee" and "Crazy Blue Eyes.")

Zac: When both of us said "finally" this week, it was a moment I won't forget. Zac gave a rock-solid vocal performance, wrote a powerful song and moved me to a point where I now think we are going to have a brother and sister duel on the last show. I believe I was even happier giving Zac props than he was hearing them! Wow, this was a pivotal night for him. If he's reading my blog ... stay in this lane Zac!

Whitney: Man, she's making me look bad. I believed in Whitney and she's letting me down. While I'm glad she brought the guitar back, she didn't follow our other suggestions.

In addition to a lack of growth with her performances, she contradicted herself: saying she didn't want to be considered a sex object while singing a song about skinny-dipping. I've suggested that she select a song that will move us emotionally, reign in the come-here-kitty-kitty image and highlight her R&B, soulful voice if she wants to stay in this game. With the wrong song she can't seem to get in the right place. But she has the vocal chops she needs, so there is no need to lean on the good looks crutch.

I don't think she'll last much longer in this particular competition, but I still trust she will sell records one day.

David: I love this guy! Everything about David and his performance was formidable, yet the song he co-wrote didn't show his distinctiveness and therefore might not have convinced America why he deserves the Nashville Star crown.

I remember the lyrics to every original song but his, and that's proof as to how essential songs are to a career. Artists live and die by their songs. I bet David will get to sing one more time for us, so I expect him to dig deep in selecting a song that can reveal a unique part of his soul.

Joshua: Joshua should be proud about how far he's gotten in this competition. He's been good throughout the season, but good doesn't win contests. If America continues voting correctly I question if he will perform again.

Whatever lies ahead, I advise him to burn the vest from last week, don't be afraid of hats (there are many alternatives) and continue singing and writing from his heart. Trueness, sincerity, life music will stand the test of time and rise to the top.


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