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FEBRUARY 1, 2007


I must say, none of the contestants crashed and burned this week, but no one soared either. From the first performances to the second, I saw great improvement, yet this week our competitors seemed to plateau. Therefore, I don't have many issues to tackle (reread my tips in previous blogs.)

Whitney: I think she has potential, but I'm still not feeling her performance. Whitney looks stunning, sings well, acts humble and professional (which I admire) but I'm rarely moved when she sings. If she gets to perform next week, I hope that the song she's written moves her enough to move us.

Joshua: Joshua did improve this week; he chose a better key, the song was a stronger choice for his voice and he had fun on stage. Yet there hasn't been that moment when I've felt that he possesses that special "X" factor allowing him to compete with the likes of Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. If he wants to stay in the game, this is the week he needs to show us why he deserves a record deal.

Angela: Based on her attitude in the video clip and her performance on the show, it was obvious Angela was not happy about the song we chose for her. This is when she needed to dig deep and overcome this minor obstacle, even though I didn't see this song as baggage but a gift. Next week she needs to regain her dominance by losing herself in the music, and giving all of us chill bumps like she has done so well before.

David: He really is following the motto: slow and steady wins the race. David is listening to our critique, learning and following through on stage. Now I yearn for the moment when he is so emotional and passionate with his performance that "time stands still."

Zac: I regret that I must say this. Given the fact that I question if Zac's music is strong enough to compete on a national level combined with the fact that he acted unprofessionally and negatively back stage this past week: I feel his time is limited on Nashville Star. Yet, I like his "groove factor" enough to encourage him to form a band and carry on no matter what happens.

Meg: I am so disappointed that Meg's nerves caused her pitch and performance troubles and ultimately lost this competition for her. Another thing that frustrated me is that we didn't get to hear her sing the song I chose for her, Trisha Yearwod's "Wrong Side Of Memphis." I have a strong suspicion she would have nailed it.

Oh well. Welcome to the cruel world of competitions. At the end of the day, I adore her voice, appreciate her taste in music and admire her beauty. I'll remember her talent for my future films, soundtracks and television productions.

I send this message to Meg: there are so many diverse methods to deliver music to your audience. Update your MySpace page and look into alternatives like Film & TV and Starbucks (, but get going on these fronts immediately: you have a brief window of opportunity, so act now. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!


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