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APR. 27, 2006


Oy, partying like a rock star with a day job is hard work!

The last four contestants are all going out winners, so along with Velvet Revolver and the Muzik Mafia, the Nashville Star cast and crew celebrated last night. They all rocked da' house and we danced along with 'em. It was a night to be remembered.

I feel like we have all bonded like a family and now that America has chosen the next Nashville Star (oh my!), I can really get to know the contestants who I admire and care about.

Within minutes of saying goodbye, Matt Mason was meeting with Music Row insiders about his future as an artist. He gave a cool performance of Waylon's rebellious song and looked like a star. I agree with Scott Weiland when he said, "stars are born, not made."

The verdict is split down the middle with Matt, you either get him or ya' don't ... which to me is a sign of a true artist. He was the most consistent and authentic contestant of the competition as it relates to his song selection, image and performances.

Go get yourself a record deal Matt Mason!

Nicole Jamrose got another hall pass last week, but, thankfully, she redeemed herself with a powerful performance. Her voice was strong, song choice spot on and she commanded the stage. She was back in her comfort zone and that's when Nicole's believable.

The one thing that frustrated me most this season is that Phil and I gave her specific advice on the show and in these blogs, but she failed to follow it time and again. Nicole's image is solid, but the more important issues like WHAT ARE NICOLE'S SOUND, MUSIC AND ARTISTRY remain uncertain.

Nicole, I must repeat this because I care: pick a lane and stay in it.

Casey Rivers knocked it out of the park last night -- I think I might have been levitating by the end of the song.

That last note put me over the edge, but his new image brought me back to reality. I much prefer his casual, college, boy-next-door persona. The shiny red shirt with the gel-induced buzz cut gave me Barry Manilow nightmares all night long. While respecting Casey's stunning voice, admiring the fact that he listened to our advice and improving throughout the season ... he was still more inconsistent than Chris.

Chris Young, all I have to say is you were the most well-rounded artist of the competition. So keep writing, record that original song we all heard in episode five, "buff-up" a bit and get ready for the ride of your life!

If you were a racehorse, I'd put all my money on you. Yee haw!

Download These:
Nicole Jamrose's "Sin Wagon"
Matt Mason's "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean"
Casey Rivers' "How Great Thou Art"
Chris Young's "Rock You Baby"


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