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APR. 20, 2006


The race is back on!

The Nashville Star contestants have proven that they all want to win. Some showed us with risky moves and powerful performances, and my girl Nicole Jamrose showed us how badly she wants it with revealing raw emotion. While it was obvious that her nerves got the better of her, I truly believe that if she had selected the right song, Nicole could have nipped the butterflies in the bud and made an impact Tuesday.

While I must say that she looked gorgeous and stylish, I do worry that the two most recent lackluster performances will influence votes and the only way we'll be able to hear her again this season is to download "Can't Let Go" from show two. If she sings, I hope and pray she stays in the alternative lane she excels in (choosing a song artists like Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Lucinda and Kim Richey might sing.)

Yes, if we must say goodbye next week, my advice to her is to ride this wave, dig through some of the amazing AAA independent releases for songs, then record three of the best and get the right record deal.

While labels like Dualtone, New West, Equity and, maybe, Lost Highway might be the best fit for Nicole, I encourage her to nurture her relationships created by Nashville Star to able keep moving onward and upward. Nicole Jamrose will survive.

I want to tell Jared Ashley, "Congratulations." He came to the show with an established fan base and it's grown exponentially. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what I say or anyone else says for that matter.

If Jared perseveres, recognizes what his fans want and realizes his weaknesses and is able to strengthen them, he can succeed. Jared doesn't need help in the live performance arena, so he's ahead of a whole batch of aspiring artists. At the end of the day, to grow a career as a touring and recording artist, it comes down to the right songs, distinctiveness and karma -- much more than having a perfect voice.

I can't believe there are only two more episodes, this season has flown by and it's been nothing but a fun and rewarding experience. I had an absolute blast judging with David Foster and Patti Labelle the last two weeks and really look forward to getting in the hot seat with Velvet Revolver.

The great Hank, Jr. will be opening the show ... fuggedaboutit! I hope you are ready for a big party next week on Nashville Star, I know I am.

Don't miss it! Woo hoo!

Download This:
Matt Mason's "Folsom Prison Blues"
Casey Rivers' "Goodbye Time"
Chris Young's "Dust on the Bottle"


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