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APR. 14, 2006


Oh my ... Kristen McNamara deserved more time on Nashville Star! While I admit that I said she needs more time to develop, I still think she was one of the stronger contestants on the show.

Finding an artist is being able to recognize those who have a gift (even at the early stages and in need of artist development) vs. those who can get up on stage and perform fine, but don't have the gift.

I didn't have the time to make that determination with Kristen because Jared Ahsley stole her slot and I'm really upset about it. I hope Kristen stays in touch with me because I will be following her career closely.

I know loads of people feel I was mean to Jared. Just so you know, it's really difficult to say hard-to-hear comments to someone in private much less on national TV.

Yet after this week, I wonder if Jared's talent might be songwriting ... that was a great song he wrote! I stand by my call that his performance was the worst of the night because of pitch problems and it was just a bad vocal performance. I also stand by my comment that he's so comfortable on stage, that if Jared gets a vocal coach he could make it as a performer in this business.

I know I was tough on my girl Nicole Jamrose and her song this week, but I didn't say anything that most of those on Music Row wouldn't say. While the song was average, what worries me most is that her voice didn't sound beautiful singing that song, so I am concerned about her staying power for next week.

As she is the last female, I sure hope America keeps her in the competition. Nicole deserves to stick around based on her talent and given her underdog status.

In general, every contestant, except Chris Young, needs to dig deep in the song selection next week to get back in the game. Original Song Night became as bloody as the Battle of Franklin. Most of the contestants are walking wounded, as am I -- I don't enjoy having to be critical or getting booed so much.

The thing I love the most about this season of Nashville Star is that there are great COUNTRY artists with soul and grit. That's why I'm willing to be booed, criticized and held out to dry; I do love Nashville and aspiring artists. Blowing smoke up their skirts will not help them realize their dreams, honest critiques will.

The news on Monique LeCompte was a dose of reality: the casting director said she has an amazing voice, but was not quite right for the part. If she stays in the dance and keeps trying, Monique's star will shine one day somehow.

Remember, with every door that closes another opens.

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