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MAR. 23, 2006


The race has begun. This season on Nashville Star truly defines the word, COMPETITION.

The talent is so strong that every contestant has to make careful song selections and deliver -- big time -- with their performances. Even if someone is a seasoned performer on the honky tonk circuit, one mistake and the next artist will take advantage and take over.

The one area for improvement for all of the female artists after last night is in the image department. I encourage each and every one of the girls to raise the bar to the same level of their own talent.

Opt for classic or current fashion forward rather than overtly sexy, where it borders on trashy. The ripped jeans trend is so over, move on and create your own trend.

Now let me get specific with those who I shared hard-to-hear comments that really provoked serious boos from the audience.

Congrats, Kristen, for making a great song selection and nailing it, but shame on you for representing Nashville with that ensemble! I need to explain my comment, "Don't ever change who you are, just what you’re wearing tonight."

Firstly, given your body type, I suggest wearing fabric that moves and elongates the body rather than shrinks it. A square jean skirt with a square top with flat red cowboy boots sends only one message, "HELP!" If boots are a big part of your image, try some with heels and opt for monochromatic colors (on the top and bottom) with silhouettes that go in at the waist and flow at the bottom of the skirt (as skirts seem like your favorite item to wear.)

One last tip I have for you is to spend time with a movement or dance coach, when you are able to really work the stage you will become a performer to be reckoned with!

Jared, what I meant by "I'm worried that you have a ceiling and it's inside a frat house" is that anyone can copy a big-ass cover song and get the crowd rocking. But if that's all you can do, you don't deserve a record deal.

If America keeps you around another week, will the real Jared Ashley please stand up! Don't impersonate a famous artist performing their hit song; pick a song that you can put your thumbprint on, change the arrangement and wow us for the right reasons.

Monique, girlfriend, we all know that you have a pretty voice, so now let go of proving it and loose yourself in the music. This is the most difficult area for which to verbalize helpful hints, but the less you THINK about performing and get lost in it yourself ... the more we'll get lost in you.

Remember, this is not a karaoke contest; you have a lot of work to do.

Chris, the one who I thought would be the lead horse given the strength of your audition tape, you must step it up to stay in the game. In addition to getting in the zone of your club days and picking better songs, you really need to re-think your image.

I've said it once, twice and now for the third time: Toby Keith wants his hat back, plus the bandana tied around your wrist! This is so signature Toby you need to walk away from both!

You've got to find a new style of hat, a more original wrist accent and opt for a primary color when selecting a shirt. I beg you to go to Bloke down on 12th Street; you can't go wrong there. As you have fair skin, the pale colors in your plaid shirts wash you out and don't do you justice. You are a cute guy ... shop with caution.

Download these:
Kristen McNamara's "Fancy"
Matt Mason's "Born to Boogie"
Melanie Torres' "My Give a Damn's Busted"

Congrats guys ... you rocked the house!


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