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MAR. 15, 2006


Wow, we were all together last night cast and crew - at the Premier Party held at the Wildhorse Saloon. I'm glad we were, because the show rocked and we got to celebrate that fact as a group!

My family joined me at the partay and we all agreed that Wy and Cowboy Troy nailed it! They have such great chemistry and obviously really care about our cast and the show. They are into it and it translates on TV.

As it was the first show, I didn't really know what to expect. What I did know, having helped select the finalists and having seen the various auditions, is that the quality of the first performances would be strong. But given the pressure cooker of TV and the wild card of Big & Rich in the rotating judge seat(s), all bets were off.

First thing I'll say is that every contestant gave it their all. Some looked like they wanted it more than others, but I'm proud of each and every one of them. I think the guest judges were a blast and gave great advice. I know I was tough on a few contestants and now I have the chance to elaborate.

I agree with Shy himself when he says that he doesn't have the strongest voice. I'll also echo that he's a fish to water on stage, which I love, but if he's not careful it could become a crutch. If Shy picks the right songs, ones with soul and a killer groove and the right key, I think he might have staying power. I agree with Big Kenny, I want to see the depth of his talent.

Jared's vocal performance was steady, but it didn't move me. I felt like he was just going through the motions and the conductor moves he made gave me the impression he wasn't serious. He wasn't totally into the song, so I didn't get into him. I hope he proves me wrong next week -- if America gives him a second chance -- but on this night he and Jewels had the weakest performances.

Which leads me to Jewels, who by the way, was so nice after the show giving me a hug and a promise that we'll see more of her. I like the rebel in her, yet I don't know if her vocal levels were too low or she had a party the night before (nothing wrong with that) but I couldn't understand what she was singing and her vocals were thin.

While I love her energy, the frenetic moves all over the stage were distracting and worked against her. It was a hard decision, but a unanimous one, for all of us to let her go the first week.

But I want to give her a shout out, "Keep on keepin' on! I can't wait to buy your record!"

On that note, the fact that America can buy the live performances on line directly from Nashville Star is so fantastic! I've checked out the website and it's so interactive and fun. Being able to download Matt's sultry performance of "Burn Me Down" or Nicole's groovy interpretation of "Picking Wild Flowers" makes my toes curl! Click here to download.

Game on,


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