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Anastasia Brown began her music career as Miles Copeland's partner in spearheading the operations for Firstars Nashville where she discovered, developed and secured major label record deals and the agency representation for the current CMA Entertainer and Male Vocalist, Grammy nominated, and multi-platinum artist, Keith Urban.

She also worked with artists ranging from Sting and Peter Frampton, to John Berry and Junior Brown. As VP of A&R for Copeland's record label, Ark 21 Nashville, Anastasia served as executive producer for Waylon Jennings' "Closing In On The Fire," as well as Leon Russell's "Legend In My Time;" and worked on multiple compilation projects such as the Christmas album, "Mother & Child," and the tribute record to Hank Marvin and The Shadows, "Twang."

After making her mark in the Nashville music industry, Brown expanded her horizons to Hollywood, serving as music supervisor on the Emmy-Award winning and Golden Globe nominated Steven Spielberg miniseries, "Taken." As executive producer, she also secured the "Taken" soundtrack record deal that featured original music by Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, etc.

Furthering her initiatives within the film industry, Brown is now partnered with media entrepreneur & movie producer Eric Geadelmann in 821 Entertainment Group, a media, entertainment and technology holding company that she serves as President of with divisions in motion picture development & production, recorded music, publishing and supervisory services and digital distribution.

Anastasia's primary focus is in spearheading 821's music initiatives across all divisions and subsidiaries; particularly the motion picture music supervisory efforts such as her current assignment on the upcoming music- driven Warner Bros. Film "August Rush" starring Robin Williams, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers & Freddie Highmore; and her most recently completed Quentin Tarantino produced Miramax film, "Daltry Calhoun" (Johnny Knoxville & Juliette Lewis).

Brown has recently expanded her music supervising from film and television to the corporate & branded entertainment arena as she is currently embarking upon programming the music for Las Vegas' Silverton Casino & Lodge that includes her producing multiple compilation projects on 821's record label.

Beyond music, Anastasia is moving into film and television producing roles with Geadelmann as 821's film division is producing a slate of projects ranging from a Nicolas Cage starring major motion picture for Universal Pictures to a documentary series for the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and she is soon to announce two television projects currently in pre-production that are centered around artists and real life experiences found on Music Row.

Finally, in an effort to be on the leading edge of the digital revolution, leverage her extensive network of artists and enable them to connect more deeply with their fans, Anastasia co-founded Crowfly Digital Entertainment, an artist-driven interactive services company that launched with On-Demand Digital Downloads of legendary artist Mark Knopfler's recent Shangri-La World Tour.


What celebrity do people say you look like?
It makes me blush to say, but I was by the pool at the Mansion at Turtle Creek and a man asked me nervously, "Are you Charlize Theron?" And I just about jumped out of my chair and kissed him, but I didn't. After I disappointed him with my answer, I went back to reading "Beach Music" and couldn't wipe the grin off my face all afternoon.

The craziest or most daring thing I have ever done...
I feel "risk taker" has become my middle name as of late. But, looking back on a family holiday when we were scammed by a local advertisement, "Swim with the dolphins, payment due over the phone upon booking." It wasn't until we boarded a tiny, little wreck of a dingy, motored out in the middle of the ocean and the "captain" yelled, "Dolphins on the left, jump in now and swim hard" did we realize we were swindled. But hey, I jumped in and tried to keep up, not even thinking about how hungry sharks were most likely very close by.

What three things couldn't you live without?
No. 1: My family, it's frightening to think about living without them. No. 2: My friends: My chosen family. No. 3: My faith.

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