Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the "Nashville Star" audition process, divided into four sections: Casting Calls, Home Video Auditions, Original Songs, and Finalist. NOTE: All downloads require Adobe Reader - download it for free here


Where and when will the casting calls be held?
Open casting call locations and information are posted by Nashville Star Productions, Inc ("Producer") on the official "Nashville Star" website (
ALL DATES, TIMES, AND VENUES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates.

If I auditioned last year, am I eligible to attend casting calls this year?
Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage anyone who auditioned before to try again.

Can I compete in more than one casting call?
Yes - if you can be present for the scheduled casting calls, you may participate in as many local auditions as you would like.

Are there any age restrictions?
Yes - you must be at least 18 years old by December 1, 2006. There is no maximum age.

Do I have to sing a song on the approved cover song list?
Yes - NO EXCEPTIONS. Download the Approved Cover Song List

May I have an accompanist?
For the initial song, you can either sing "a cappella" or with an acoustic instrument, which you must play (no accompanist). NO MUSIC TRACKS MAY BE USED. If you are called back, for subsequent songs, you may use one accompanying instrument (guitar, piano, etc.). You may play the instrument yourself OR bring along an accompanist. NO MUSIC TRACKS MAY BE USED

NOTE: Any accompanist used in Round 2 MUST sign the Accompanist Release Form (Download the Form), or the accompanist can't play.

NOTE: You may also play a harmonica yourself in addition to another accompanying instrument.

Will any instruments be provided at the casting calls?
No. You must bring your own instruments.

Can I bring electronic instruments and amplifiers?
During the open call you may use only instruments that do not need to be plugged in. Battery-powered instruments are acceptable. If you are called back you will be able to use electronic instruments and amplifiers in your next performance.

Can I videotape my audition?
Yes. You may record your own audition but no one else’s.

Am I responsible for my own travel costs?
Yes. However, if you are selected to participate in a live show, you will be provided with transportation to Nashville and living accommodations.

Is there a cash prize involved at any level of the casting process?
No. A recording contract is the grand prize awarded to the winner of the televised series. There may be, at at Producer's discretion, additional prizes which are not yet determined.

Can I attend a Nashville Star casting call if Iam currently competing in another vocal competition?
Yes. However, if you are selected to be a Finalist, you must become exclusive to "Nashville Star" in order to continue.

I have a distribution deal for my independent record. Am I still eligible to compete?
You are eligible to compete as long as the distributor does not have any rights to any future records or recording services and you are free to enter into an exclusive recording agreement.

I have a publishing agreement for songs that were previously written by me. Am I still eligible to attend a casting call? And can I perform these songs on the show?
You are eligible to compete even if you have a publishing agreement. And yes, you may perform these songs on the show as long as the publisher signs the Original Song Grant of Rights Form (Download this Form).

I have a manager. Am I eligible to attend a casting call?
Yes, you are eligible to participate if you have a manager.

When and how will I be notified if I make it to the regional finals?
You will be notified by telephone after all the open calls have been completed.

What type of ID do I need to bring to the open call?
For the open call you can bring a photocopy of one form of government issued photo ID.


If I send in a home video, can I also participate in a casting call?
Yes! In fact, it gives us another chance to see you, and therefore gives you an additional opportunity to be selected.

Do I have to make a home video if I am participating in a casting call?
No. However, a casting director may ask you to make a video at a later date. Visit the Home Videos page

If I decide to participate both ways, do I have to sing the same cover song on my home video as I do at the casting call?
No. You may choose another song, as long as it is on the Approved Cover Song List (download the Approved Cover Song List).


What is an "original song"?
An Original Song is defined as a musical composition that has not been previously commercially released, or any other musical composition (other than an Approved Cover Song) that is approved by Producer for the contestant's performance in the competition as an original song. An Original Song must be written in whole or in part by the contestant. Contestants must be able to prove ownership of the song (see next question for details).

Am I required to perform an original song?
No. You have the option of performing an original song in the callback round, but it is not required.

How do I prove ownership of my Original Song?
Ownership of all original material must be documented. You MUST present the following to Producer PRIOR to performing any Original Song:
1. Certificate of copyright, proof of song registration with BMI, ASCAP, etc., OR a notarized copy of the application applying for the copyright* (this is required regardless of whether you wrote or co-wrote the song).
2. Completed Original Song Acknowledgment Form and Original Song Grant of Rights Form (Download these Forms)
3. Any individual who owns all of or part of the Original Song must complete this form.
* The copyright application (called a Form PA) is available for download at

Do I need an attorney at any point during the competition?
If you are invited to participate as a Finalist on the televised series, we encourage you to get a music industry attorney to review all of the papers you will be asked to sign.

By signing the Original Song Grant of Rights, am I (or the person who co-wrote the song with me) giving up the copyright to the Original Song?
No. You (and your co-writer if applicable) keep the copyright and retain your rights to exploit the song subject to the rights that are granted to Producer (i.e. broadcasting, publicly performing, distributing, advertising, and promoting the television program in any and all audio-visual devices, by any and all means, and in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, free of charge, throughout the universe, in perpetuity).

Does the Original Song Grant of Rights Form (Exhibit "B") allow Producer to sell my Original Song to anyone or have it recorded on another artists' album?
No. You are only granting Producer rights to the Original Song in the televised program and for related uses.

Whether I am a finalist or just attended a casting call, if my Original Song gets played in part or in whole on the Program, am I paid a fee for this use of my song?
No. By signing the Original Song Grant of Rights Form (Exhibit "B"), you are giving Producer the right to use the song in the televised program free of charge.


If I am chosen as a finalist to compete live on the televised series, will Producer own all of the Original Songs that I perform? Will Producer own other Original Songs in my catalogue that I don't sing on the televised series?
No. You retain your copyright to all Original Songs.

Tell me more about the recording contract.
If you are chosen as a finalist to appear on the televised series, you will have an opportunity to review with your lawyer the recording contract, and other agreements you will be asked to sign. If such agreements are not acceptable to you, then you may refuse to sign them, but such refusal will be grounds for your immediate disqualification from the televised series.

If I am chosen as a finalist to appear live on the series and I do NOT win, how long after the competition is over will I be released from Producer and be able to sign a recording contract with another company?
Ninety (90) days from the airdate of the final episode of the televised series.


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