Monk suffers from 38 documented phobias, but that number grows by the episode. With the help of the Monk Phobia Dictionary, you can discover new fears for Monk or help diagnose a few of your own. Click on a letter below to launch a list of all the phobias whose clinical names begin with that letter.

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  • Cacophobia: Fear of ugliness.
  • Cainophobia or Cainotophobia: Fear of newness, novelty.
  • Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful women.
  • Cancerophobia or Carcinophobia: Fear of cancer.
  • Cardiophobia: Fear of the heart.
  • Carnophobia: Fear of meat.
  • Catagelophobia: Fear of being ridiculed.
  • Catapedaphobia: Fear of jumping from high and low places.
  • Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting.
  • Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors.
  • Cenophobia or Centophobia: Fear of new things or ideas.
  • Ceraunophobia: Fear of thunder & lighting.
  • Chaetophobia: Fear of hair.
  • Cheimaphobia or Cheimatophobia: Fear of cold. (Frigophobia, Psychophobia)
  • Chemophobia: Fear of chemicals or working with chemicals.
  • Cherophobia: Fear of gaiety.
  • Chionophobia: Fear of snow.
  • Chiraptophobia: Fear of being touched.
  • Chirophobia: Fear of hands.
  • Cholerophobia: Fear of anger or the fear of cholera.
  • Chorophobia: Fear of dancing.
  • Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia: Fear of money.
  • Chromophobia or Chromatophobia: Fear of colors.
  • Chronophobia: Fear of time.
  • Chronomentrophobia: Fear of clocks.
  • Cibophobia or Sitophobia or Sitiophobia: Fear of food.
  • Claustrophobia: Fear of confined spaces.
  • Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia: Fear of being locked in an enclosed place.
  • Cleptophobia: Fear of stealing.
  • Climacophobia: Fear of stairs, climbing or of falling downstairs.
  • Clinophobia: Fear of going to bed.
  • Clithrophobia or Cleithrophobia: Fear of being enclosed.
  • Cnidophobia: Fear of stings.
  • Cometophobia: Fear of comets.
  • Coimetrophobia: Fear of cemeteries.
  • Coitophobia: Fear of coitus.
  • Contreltophobia: Fear of sexual abuse.
  • Coprastasophobia: Fear of constipation.
  • Coprophobia: Fear of feces.
  • Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns.
  • Counterphobia: The preference by a phobic for fearful situations.
  • Cremnophobia: Fear of precipices.
  • Cryophobia: Fear of extreme cold, ice or frost.
  • Crystallophobia: Fear of crystals or glass.
  • Cyberphobia: Fear of computers or working on a computer.
  • Cyclophobia: Fear of bicycles.
  • Cymophobia: Fear of waves or wave like motions.
  • Cynophobia: Fear of dogs or rabies.
  • Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia, Cyprianophobia, or Cyprinophobia : Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease.

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