Cleaning Tips

To get candle wax out of carpet, place a paper bag over the wax and use a hot iron to melt the wax out of the carpet and onto the paper bag.

Kate B.

Wrap an electronic cleaning wipe around an old credit card and then swipe the card between the keys of your computer. This cleans down low enough to get the grime that seems permanently stuck to sides of the keys.

Other Useful Tips

Karen M.
Cut rubber foam air conditioner pre-filters into approximately 4"x10" rectangles and place in wash and leave in with laundry through dryer. They will pick up any lint/ or hair in the washer and/or dryer. When you use bleach wait until dryer stage.

Rodney M.
To remove bad odors from the refrigerator, simply make a ball of newspaper and place in  the middle of the freezer. This will remove odor from the freezer and the refrigerator  because the air travels from the freezer to the refrigerator trough a compartment in the back.

Dixie M.
I HATE using public restrooms but have had to a couple of times. After using the toilet I flush it by putting my foot on the handle or button. I open the door to the toilet by pushing it with my elbow (which I wipe off after I leave the restroom). I use toilet paper as a glove or covering for my fingers to turn the lock on the door if I don't have a wipe or napkin in my purse.


Minerva P.
Use Catsup to remove limescale and/or rust from fixtures.

Judy L.

If you drop oily food on your shirt you can put clear shampoo on it. It is made to dissolve the oils on your hair and will break it down first. When you wash it, the oil will come out.

Linda H.
Blood on your new shirt? Before the blood dries, blot it with sudsy ammonia until the stain is gone. If the stain has dried, soak in ammonia (if you're Monk-ish, you may want to place in a container with a lid) then remove any remaining stain by scrubbing with laundry soap, then launder in cold water.


Another tip for cleaning mirrors, especially in the bathroom, is a used Fabric Softener sheet. It does not leave any streaks and gets everything off the mirror.


Carol S.
To keep sets of bed sheets all together, place them in their own pillow case. No more searching for a matching set!


Nancy P.
One way to pack shirts or sweaters neatly is to use a "shirt board" as a guide. Cut a stiff piece of cardboard the size you want the folded garment to be (ignoring the collar). Then use the "shirt board" as a guide for folding.

1. Place the garment flat and smooth on its front side.
2. Place the cardboard guide on the back of the garment just below the collar.
3. Fold each side inward and arrange the sleeves smoothly.
4. Fold the bottom upward toward the collar.
5. Slide the cardboard (just below the collar) out of the folded garment.

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