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Production Blog January 11, 2008
Tara McSherry on "Mr. Monk Joins A Cult"
I never really knew what it was like to work in the office of a television production until I started working on MONK. Sure, I have been interested in film and television for a while, but I never fully understood what it meant to "work on a production." Coming from Boston, most of what I knew about the television production world was learned from the photos tacked up at Cheers.
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Natalie's Blog  September 14, 2007
The Teeger Cure
When Mr. Monk has trouble with anything, he calls me. And sometimes I'm not really sure why. Does he really think I'll be able to change the wind patterns so that it blows exactly parallel to his street? Does he think I can convince every shoemaker to adopt a new sizing system that involves only multiples of ten? Does he think that I can do anything to stop our nation's "tragic misuse" (his words) of the apostrophe?
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Guest Blog September 14, 2007
Gully The Good Samaritan
I'm not all bad, honestly. I wouldn't lie to you like I said, I only lie when there's money in it. And since we're strangers to each other unless you happen to frequent the fine drinking establishment known as Pastures Tavern where I can sometimes be found I'm gonna give you a few words of advice. Stay away from Pastures, and stay away from guys like me.
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  Guest Blog September 7, 2007
Capt. Stottlemeyer: Mistakes, I've Made A Few
Most people have made a mistake or two in their lives, and I'm no exception. Hell, you could probably say I've made more than my share of mistakes, and I'm pretty sure my ex-wife would be happy to back that up not that the woman's Mother Teresa or anything. Anyhow, the point is everyone I know has messed up at some point. Sometimes it's a big deal, sometimes it's not.
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   Guest Blog August 24, 2007
Harold Krenshaw: The New Hero in Town
Yes, it looks like the tables have turned, Adrian Monk.  I'm the one people want to talk about now.  I'm the one with my own blog.  I'm the hero.  I even have a special hero costume.  It chafes a little, and with my skin tone green isn't very flattering, but it's still better than your hero costume.  Oh, what's that, you don't have one?  That's right, you don't.  Because I'm the hero.  Ha!
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Guest Blog August 17, 2007
Troy Kroger: Like Father, Like Son
There was this dude who would only eat white food until I told him how awesome pizza was and then he was cured, and there was a lady who was always screaming at her grandkids to stop playing video games, but then I told her that video games were really fun and don't rot your brain and actually make you smarter, and then she totally got it and played them too and everyone was happy.  For a 4th grader, I was one hell of a shrink.  There was no imaginary problem I couldn't fix.
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Guest Blog August 10, 2007
Julie Teeger: You Never Forget Your First Blog
I used to have a diary, when I was like twelve, but I only wrote in that a few times and the things I wrote were so embarrassing. I had a huge crush on this boy Zach Gabler so gross so there's a bunch of stuff about him, and then stupid stuff like trying to decide if I should get bangs or what to pajamas to bring to Lisa's sleepover party. The whole thing was so lame, but I'm so glad I didn't get bangs. And besides, who even writes in a diary anymore anyway?
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Guest Blog July 27, 2007
Chance Singer: One With Nature
Well folks, it's official the Naturist Beachfront Committee has a new home.  I'm writing to you from the beautiful beaches of our island paradise, where we no longer have to struggle against the oppressive forces of clothism and gymnophobia.  No, here on our island we are free to be our most natural, liberated selves, free from the shackles of narrow minds and pants.
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  Guest Blog July 20, 2007
Randy Disher: Cop By Day... Rapper By Night?
It's not about the Benjamins. It's about speaking the truth. I may be the popo but I ain't frontin'. Turns out Murderuss and I, we're actually a lot alike. We were born into this, we weren't sworn into this. We're laying down some tracks together when he finishes his tour.
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Guest Blog July 13, 2007
An Open Letter from Marci Maven
Adrian was devastated when I ended our personal and professional relationships, but I knew it was the right thing for Marci. It just wasn't healthy; I felt like I was in a really toxic mental space. That's why I decided to devote my attention to someone less obsessive and weird, someone who doesn't freak out every time a fan licks his mailbox or makes abstract sculptures out of his hair, orange peels and empty tissue boxes.
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