AUGUST 10, 2007

I just found out that my mom has a blog, which is so funny. I mean she's not as bad as Mr. Monk or anything, but she's not exactly a genius at technology. I didn't even think she knew what a blog was. But I figure if she can have one, I can. She said it was okay as long as I didn't put anything too personal in it or post any pictures, like she thinks I'm dumb or something.

I used to have a diary, when I was like twelve, but I only wrote in that a few times and the things I wrote were so embarrassing. I had a huge crush on this boy Zach Gabler so gross so there's a bunch of stuff about him, and then stupid stuff like trying to decide if I should get bangs or what to pajamas to bring to Lisa's sleepover party. The whole thing was so lame, but I'm so glad I didn't get bangs. And besides, who even writes in a diary anymore anyway? A bunch of my friends have blogs, but I don't know anyone who has a diary. Not even Kim Stenzler, who Charlotte Korpac told me still sucks her thumb.

My mom says I can't write anything personal, but I think she means like my address or something. She didn't say anything about Tim. Oh, that's my boyfriend. We're in the same bio class. He asked me to be his lab partner when we were dissecting frogs and I said yes because he's really smart and I knew he'd be really good at it, and I'm not that great at bio, and I was right because we ended up getting an A all because of him. I found out later that he asked me to be his lab partner because what he really wanted to ask me was if I'd go to the spring dance with him, which he was too shy to ask me until his friend Jack heard from Kyle who heard from Michelle that I thought he was cute, and then he asked. It was way more complicated than it needed to be and I was stressed out about it for almost a week but everything worked out and we went to the dance which was really fun except that when my mom came to pick us up she brought Mr. Monk with her and he made all the couples who were dancing separate and line up in order of height because he said that dances are more fun when everyone has an appreciation of symmetry and personal space. I was so embarrassed, but Tim didn't mind. He said it was still the best dance he ever went to. He's so amazing.

Oh, I forgot to say that he's a diver on the swim team. The coach didn't used to use him much, but after the whole thing with Mr. Monk oh, that's my mom's boss and that murderer, when Tim totally saved the day, the coach has been using him more. He even won once. I go to every meet, and I even made a sign with his name on it. Mr. Monk helped me, so it took like four days. There's exactly 1000 pieces of glitter on each letter.

Our two and a half month anniversary is in 11 days and I have no idea what to get Tim. I was going to make him a card but Mr. Monk made me promise to never make anything again, especially if it involved glitter, so now I don't know. It has to be extra nice though because of when I broke up with him for two days. He wasn't mad or anything because he's so sweet and such a good person but if I were him I'd probably be mad at me. And it's so stupid because I didn't even like Clay. I know everyone thinks he's so hot and everything, but honestly I don't even see it. He's just so into himself. I'm so glad Tim's not like that. And I don't even like football anyway. I don't get the big deal with it. I think diving is way harder.

I was going to get Tim chocolates or something but Mr. Monk said those would lead to sticky fingers and why would I want to give someone I care about sticky fingers, and I guess maybe he's right. Mr. Monk doesn't always make sense but sometimes he does. My mom made him talk to me about boys and stuff and he actually said some things that weren't so crazy, like about Trudy and how much he loved her. It was really sweet. But then he also told me that studies show that boys like girls who keep their rooms really clean and wash their hands all the time, which I don't think is true at all for anybody besides Mr. Monk.

Mr. Monk is great and everything, but it's still kind of sad for my mom that she had to ask him to talk to me. I think she needs a boyfriend.

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