JULY 20, 2007

People always think that being a cop is all that defines me. Just because I happen to be really good at one thing, that's the only thing people think of when they think of me. They see me and think, "Here comes Lieutenant Disher, a great cop and the Captain's most trusted advisor." They don't think, "Here comes Lieutenant Disher, who makes a terrific lasagna," or "Here comes Lieutenant Disher, who paints great impressionistic landscapes," or "Here comes Lieutenant Disher, who can freestyle rap like he was raised on the streets of Compton." No, all they see is a cop. But I'll tell you, there's more to Randy Disher than meets the eye. I also, for example, happen to have my own band, The Randy Disher Project. Just because I'm a cop doesn't mean I can't also be a musician, and just because I don't come from the hood doesn't mean I can't rap about life on the streets, and just because I'm white doesn't mean I don't have the soul of a gangsta. I've got mad skillz in the rap department, ask anyone. Well, ask my mom. The woman's got a great ear for meter.

Just recently I got the chance to prove my hip hop skillz when I worked the Extra Large homicide case. Things kind of got off on the wrong foot, with Murderuss disrespecting my rhymes and me accusing him of murder, but now it's all good. At first he was all up in my grill, thinking that just because he's more famous and people actually pay money to hear his music that makes him a more legitimate musician or something. But I explained to him that I don't do this to make bank. It's not about the Benjamins. It's about speaking the truth. I may be the popo but I ain't frontin'. Turns out Murderuss and I, we're actually a lot alike. We were born into this, we weren't sworn into this. We're laying down some tracks together when he finishes his tour. Well, we haven't actually made any formal plans, but I sent him my new demo and he'll be down with it for sure. It's a new version of my hit song "Don't Need a Badge." This version's a lot edgier, and the beats are off the hook.

I've got big things on the horizon, music wise, but I know the Captain really relies on me and I wouldn't want to leave him shorthanded. I figure I'll stay on the force for as long as I can; I may have to take a leave of absence to go on tour, but I hope that I can continue to balance my career in law enforcement with my career as a recording artist. What I'd really like is someday for people to see me coming and say, "Oh good, here comes Lieutenant Disher, a fantastic cop and the Captain's most trusted advisor, and have you seen his band, The Randy Disher Project? What an eclectic sound. Those cats know how to keep it real, fo shizzle!" Or something like that.

Peace out, yo.

Side Note: For all you homies out there who are fans of Murderuss or just fans of music at all, you should check out my band, The Randy Disher Project. Whether you're into rock, hip hop, folk, country, jazz, blues, trance or anything else you'll definitely be feelin' our beats. Copies of the Randy Disher Project's debut album are available now for only $12.99, and to get a list of upcoming gigs, hit up our website. As soon as we have some gigs they'll be listed. Holla at me.

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