FOR THE WEEK OF October 16, 2009

My name is Rowel C., I am 15 years old, and I am both Monk-ish and a Monk Fanatic. I became interested in Monk in the closing days of summer 2007 in August, when I came across an episode entitled "Mr. Monk and the Treasure Map." After that first episode, I suddenly grew to liking, then loving Monk. Soon after, I began to watch Monk whenever it showed since then.

Like Monk, I am very compulsive and organized (this is what people make fun of about me most). I am afraid of certain things - some being phobias - like heights, germs, crowds, public conveniences and places (like buses and bathrooms), dust, insects, etc. I like to sort everything in categories like height (in ascending order), date, color, alphabetical order, etc. I also like to clean and organize whenever I see something that needs to be. My favorite Monk phobia is his phobia on germs, especially shaking hands with people. I conventionally perform the same technique Monk does, whether it is getting a Lysol wipe or wiping it off on my right pant leg and then wiping that off until I know that it is sufficiently off. I especially hate being touched, poked, or patted on the back, so I usually wipe the "infected" area clean.

At some times of the day, I can usually find myself doing what Monk does - thinking - using the hand gestures. When I do this, I do it the same way that Monk does it, either to think or to block things that frighten me. This soon became a habit of mine, and I still cannot stop. Another habit of mind is that I sometimes touch the door locks of the doors, which is similar to what Monk does with the parking meters, poles, etc. Finally, I usually have things done my way because it makes me comfortable, like drinking a certain brand of drinks or using a certain brand of cleaning items; change and I do not agree too well.

Choosing a favorite episode of Monk is slightly difficult since I sort my favorites into categories like favorite episodes with Monk and Sharona or Monk with Dr. Kroger. Still, my ultimate favorite Monk case is Mr. Monk and the Cobra because he and Trudy are together.

Rowel C.

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