FOR THE WEEK OF January 23, 2009

I know a million people will tell you that they are the Best, Brightest, and Biggest fan. Well they have not met me yet. I do not think you can tell true love when like minds attract, that is too easy. Some fans really like Monk because they have the same behaviors. OCD likes OCD. Well true love can best be shown when opposites attract. I am the opposite of Mr. Monk. I would probably drive him crazy. But I also love the way Tony Shalhoub plays the part. Of course Mr. Shalhoub was already my favorite from his role on Wings. I thought it was great when the characters visited Las Vegas and Joe Hacket (maybe or was it Timothy Daly) was on the plane. Antonio (Monk) - Joe- Airplane, how funny!

The show for me is so great because of the family connection that the cast members display. They all come from nontraditional families it seems, but they create a strong bond. There is nothing more American then their relationships. I like the fact, also, that even though Monk shows some of the most dysfunctional behavior, he finds a way to be excellent. I like the parts in the show where he is about to fall apart but the minute that he starts to solve the case, he snaps out of the dysfunction saving the day. You know that is the way we all do it in real life. We snap out of our dysfunction to make things work in our lives and in our communities, then we go back to the dysfunction until we can get it all worked out.

The matter of the fact is... the writers of the show have done a great job of developing the characters in the show. Mr. Monk seems to get better and better as he learns to accepts his personal problems, including losing his wife and getting fired from the police force. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer seems to become more human as he has to take a more nurturing role with Monk and the other characters. Sharona surly took her life in her hands as she decides to move to NJ. Natalie seems to get more confident as she works for Mr. Monk. In the case of Natalie we see that she also is making head way accepting the death of her husband. I mean the fact that she comes from a wealthy family but is making it on her own is wonderful. Then there is Randy Disher who seems to not know what is going on until he gets the opportunity to lead in the absence of Stottlemeyer. His years of training shines.

I just think the show is a wonderful example of how we deal with life as we try to understand our circumstances.

I think it also helps that as the actors transition off the show it is not like they just drop off the face of the earth, but their presence is still on the show. I know the show is ending after this season, but there is one show I would have like to have seen. How about if Sharona did a guest appearance where she has been suspected of a crime that she did not do? Then Monk saves the day.

I think my favorite episode was when the SF Waste Management went on strike, driving Mr. Monk crazy. Who would have thought to mail their trash to familiar addresses around the city. I almost fell out of bed laughing when the Dr. tells Monk to stop sending his trash to his house. He knows it was Monk because the trash was all organized.

Well I know that Tony Shalhoub said that eight seasons is enough but I don't agree. I could watch the show forever and never get tired. Of course, I guess that is what will happen in syndication. The only thing I ask is that Monk comes back in about three years as a full length movie so we can catch up on the lives of the characters we all feel like we know. I think this could even be a box office hit!

Well, I will end just saying that I am grateful for all the laughs I enjoyed because of this great show. All actors should remember that a few words on the screen can make a happy day for someone they do not even know!

By the way, if you have the notion to have Monk's favorite fan on the show as a victim or a competing detective, I am your girl! I can act, I promise! I wouldn't do it for anyone else but the Monk show! Its a jungle out there!

Channelle J.

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