Andrew E.

Even though I can't type yet (not that I'd want to anyway, with all of those germs), I think I qualify as the Monk fan of the week. 
Here's the thing: my daddy was a fan of the week last January (01/01–how VERY Monkish), before I even existed.  When I was in my mommy's tummy, he kept calling me Monk, Jr.  I didn't get the joke then, but hey, who doesn't like to keep their living area neat?  I kept that cord thing in a perfectly straight line and made sure to kick and punch only in even numbers, just like Mr. Monk would do.  Even though I was born at :55 past an hour, I think that was the hospital clock being wrong – I would never not come out exactly on the hour.
Now that I'm out in the world and see Mr. Monk for myself, I totally understand.  He's such a cool guy, and I want to be just like him and daddy, keeping everything neat and organized.  Daddy has a cool gizmo he calls a label maker, and I see he used it everywhere in the house.  Now I want him to put labels on my things so I feel like I'm part of the club. 
Since I wasn't born for the first five seasons of Monk, daddy helps me out by showing me all of the adventures on DVD.  I really liked when Mr. Monk went on the game show because my other favorite thing to watch with daddy is quiz shows.  I also like the one called "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring."  Being a newborn and all, there was something strangely familiar about the scene with Mr. Monk and Natalie in the museum – I'm just trying to figure out what it is.   Even though it's sad, I like all of the parts when Mr. Monk talks about Trudy, because it reminds me of how much my mommy and daddy love each other, too!
As you can see, I keep wipes handy just like Mr. Monk, with my mommy filling in for Natalie (I can't say "Wipe!" yet like Mr. Monk, but mommy knows what "Eh, eh, eh" really means).  The hand sanitizer is a necessity, too – you can never be too careful when you're dealing with diapers, can you? 
I love having a nice rectangular crib – neat 90-degree angles and evenly spaced bars make me happy.  It's so predictable, having a repeating pattern like that.  Once I'm old enough to play with blocks, I'll stack them in rows of even numbers, with the numbers running sequentially and the letters alphabetized. 
As I grow up, I expect to be a lot like Mr. Monk (and daddy), even if it drives my mommy a little crazy (just like it does to Natalie and Sharona).  So thanks for giving me a fun nickname, Mr. Monk, and keep up the good work.
Your littlest fan,
Monk. Jr.
aka Andrew E. in PA

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