Sandi R.

It's no mystery why we all love "Monk". The theme is so pure: a man who loves his wife. His quest is to restore order in our chaotic world. I love watching "Monk" because it is the perfect end to my workweek: TGIF!!

My daughters began watching "Monk" during the excellent pilot episode "Mr. Monk and the Candidate". I love "Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus" because this was the first entire episode my husband and I watched with them. It was an encore broadcast on a Saturday afternoon, and I quickly fell in love with the witty dialogue and layers of conflict and resolution. The ensemble cast and crew make for a delightful hour of intelligent performances, smart writing, delightful dialogue, seamless editing and creative directing. I admired the show for daring to find humor in an elephant-crushing murder. But for me, it was a simple entertaining hour together out of our busy lives.

Since "Monk" launched its first broadcast, both of my daughters have left home for college and their careers. Watching this show is a time we can relax together whether we are in the same place or not. We have even called each other and watched it while on the phone long distance. It makes the miles between us disappear. I love it when we all join singing the theme song.

"Monk" is cool show that I have promoted to friends and family for years. When a Monk marathon airs, my friends and family celebrate. USA Network becomes the Monk channel! We are all so spoiled. Recently, a friend of mine noticed that I had stacked boxes at work so neatly and she remarked, "You are obviously a ‘Monk' fan." Another methodical friend explains, "I love ‘Monk' for a reason." Colleagues are delighted when I stamp their neat documents as "Monk-worthy". All we have to say is a few catch phrases: "Here's the thing…" or "It's a blessing…and a curse", and everyone instantly understands.

I love to get "Monk" gifts; my daughter sent me a "Monk" bobblehead for Mother's Day. "Monk" gifts and webisodes shorten the lag between seasons.

We all love Tony Shalhoub! His performance of the "five stages of grief" during "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink" showcased why he is a favorite to win awards. How sweet it is when he accepts his awards and thanks his wife Brooke Adams .

Obviously it is difficult to choose which "Monk" episode is my favorite. "Mr. Monk and the Leper" in black and white is a fabulous tribute to Hollywood film noir. The air balloon launching over the cliff is pure genius and a joy to watch. Anytime Adrian Monk encounters a musician is delightful.

My favorite "Monk" episode is "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife" because of the simplicity and the significance when Leland Stottlemeyer finally goes beyond admiring Adrian Monk's detective talents and truly empathizes with the precariousness of life: how your world can suddenly and without any warning turn upside down and then how you can go on. "Monk" is an inspiration to us all.

Watch "Monk". You'll thank me later.

-Sandi R.

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