Ron P.

My wife and I are both retired school teachers.  I just retired last summer.  My wife, Judy (rhymes with Trudy), first got me onto Monk.  I was reluctant and resistant at first.  But she kept talking about this O/C detective.  I thought – "That’s just too odd! Must be a dud of a show."  After the first show she dragged me into the TV room to watch, I got more and more interested.  By the third show I was totally hooked.
From then on, every Friday, from 9-10 was a special hour for us.  We always drop what we are doing at that time and run into the TV room to catch Monk.
We even watch all the re-runs when the active season isn't running, but I can tell you, the day it resumes this summer will be a very special day for us—like coming alive again!
I’m just dying to tell you about my favorite show.  It’s the Garbage Strike.  I know many others have picked this one too.  But I am so crazy about this one!  I’ve seen it 3 times, and I could watch it again and again.
Now as excellent as that particular show was, the best scene in it, is to me the best scene in all the Monk episodes I have seen so far (three seasons).  Every time I see it, I have an uncontrollable spell of laughter, even as I repeat the lines as the characters say them.
The scene that I am talking about is the one in which Adrian is in Dr. Kroger’s office, and Adrian is telling about all the nastiness that he is going through with the garbage being all over. Dr. Kroger keeps quiet, as if to listen carefully and professionally to his patient, but, by the expressions on his face, you can tell that he is in anguish himself. 
Finally Kroger breaks in, as if he is just bursting at the seams to tell Adrian something.  He asks, “Adrian, are you sending me your garbage? Don’t deny it.  It’s all sorted by food groups…”
I’m laughing right now as this scene is coming back into my mind.  Well, all the viewers know the rest of the scene.  But the facial expressions, body language, and above all the TIMING of these two characters as they interact is PERFECT – comically PERFECT and absolutely HILARIOUS!
There are so many aspects of humor here.  One of my favorite is that Dr. Kroger is so “in-character” for a psychotherapist.  He is following his own advice, so to speak. He is being ASSERTIVE as he might tell a patient to be.  “Be assertive, and insist upon your rights.  Don’t allow others to abuse you.  You can do this in a controlled but firm and effective way.” It’s as if Kroger is following this commonly-given psychologist advice.

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