Matthew M.

Hi, my name is Matthew, I am a 22 year old Canadian, and I think Monk is the best television character on TV.

I work for CTV here in Nova Scotia, Canada, and we air Monk on our ASN channel. I had to dub copies of the show over the summer to our own tapes so they could air. The episodes were on mute while I did my other work. Then one shift I decided to turn the volume up, and saw this crazy man running around trying to pick up all the garbage he could in the city. I was hooked instantly. I watched all the season 5 episodes we had and then rushed out to buy all the seasons on DVD.

Since then I have become a little obsessed myself about watching the show. I have seen all 5 seasons to date just since July. I am also a film student here and while in school we talked about character development, and I feel that Monk is best character on TV by far. His motivations make him a delight to watch. He is also unlike most TV characters because he doesn't grow. He seems to grow but then is always back to "Square 1".  That makes him unique.

I have all my roommates hooked on the show now, and make all my friends watch an episode or two until I can get them hooked.

Although we can't get USA Network here,  I used to get it when I was young (with a big satellite dish) and I loved the channel. I can't think of a better home for such a unique show. Whenever I'm down or had a hard day, I come home, pop in a Monk DVD, and re-watch the same episodes over and over. I thought that with a detective show  I would never want to watch the DVDs again, but this show has made those spent dollars worthwhile. If it wasn't for Adrian Monk I wouldn't be able to re-watch them and love them just as much the second time.

Also, "Here's the thing..." I feel that, if the plot was well thought out, Monk could be a very successful movie. His character is so rich that it would work well. Maybe starting with when he was on the force to Trudy's death. Or just current day with a really good case. That way the show would be even more of success and be syndicated more here in Canada. Then everyone could see how this is an amazing show, it's light hearted and funny yet so so dark when you realize where Monk is at inside. So, make a movie! As Monk would say "Trust me, you'll thank me later." And also he'd have a movie and TV show. Thats two things and two is better then one. It's...even.

I will continue to buy Monk DVDs and hope for more episodes to come to us here in Canada as the new episodes hit the airwaves. Just promise me you'll keep making them. And I dream of the movie someday. I just can't get enough!!!

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